Video — June 12, 2012 at 6:00 am

Video: Robyn Hitchcock, ‘Twitch 4 Sam Surfer’ — part of ‘Phantom 45s’ series

Last month, we brought you downloads of two new Robyn Hitchcock songs — the latest in his “Phantom 45s” series, meant to tide fans over until his new album, tentatively titled File Under Pop, arrives in January — plus a video for one of them, the KT Tunstall-featuring “There Goes the Ice.” Now we can present the second clip, a pub-style hootenanny for the song “Twitch 4 Sam Surfer.” Check out that clip above, and you can download both songs and see the first video over here.







  1. Godfrey Pool

    I use to pass the Twitch for Sam Surfer graffiti on the wall off Archway Road every day in the early to mid 1970’s. I’ve never known what it meant in all this time. Is this the true meaning or just made up for the song.?

  2. Godfrey Pool

    I have puzzled over the meaning of “Twitch for Sam Surfer “ since I first saw it on a wall along the Archway Road 45 years ago in 1973. Is this a true story Robyn or just poetic license for your song which I like very much. All this time I have thought it was some obscure drug related message never dreaming that Twitch was a girls name and it was an affirmation of her love for Sam Surfer.

  3. Remember the graffiti very well indeed. Used to pass it most days (often whilst sitting on the 134). Remember discussing it’s meaning with my dad. Neither of us knew what-on-earth it meant. Think this song is rationalising it after the event.

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