Video — June 14, 2012 at 6:30 am

Video: Ministry, ‘GhoulDiggers’ — second video from comeback album ‘Relapse’

With Al Jourgensen’s reformed Ministry opening its very short U.S. tour this Sunday in Denver, the band this week released a second music video from its comeback album Relapse. The clip for 7-minute album opener “GhoulDiggers,” as you can see above, features some fine ranting by Uncle Al, a bit of cartoonery and some animated, grave-digging ducks. Enjoy.






  1. They’re vultures not ducks

  2. Money Mike

    The new Ministry really stunk. As a fan going back to the late 80’s…in my heart of hearts I was hoping for “Rape and Honey pt 2”. This is junk…speed metal with no hooks. I really tried to like it..

  3. This is really bad. Please stop Al.

  4. Liked it then. Like it now. Thanks Al!

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