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The Dream Syndicate reuniting to mark 30th anniversary of ‘The Days of Wine and Roses’

Steve Wynn will reunite The Dream Syndicate this September for the first time in more than 20 years  to play “a handful of shows” in Spain to commemorate the 30th anniversary of the seminal Paisley Underground act’s debut album The Days of Wine and Roses — plus “very possibly some more (concerts) beyond” those performances.

Wynn announced the reformation on his website and Facebook page, although no actual tour dates have yet been revealed. The band will feature frontman Wynn, original drummer Dennis Duck, bassist Mark Walton (who joined after 1984’s Medicine Show) and guitarist Jason Victor, who plays in Wynn’s current band, The Miracle Three.

The shows will mark The Dream Syndicate’s first full concert since a show at San Francisco’s I-Beam on Dec. 19, 1988. The band, however, did reunite once, on Sept. 4, 1991, for a Los Angeles benefit for musician and journalist Craig Lee, who was suffering from AIDS and would ultimately succumb to the disease. The Dream Syndicate — Wynn, Duck, Walton and guitarist Paul Cutler, who apparently declared it his last live performance ever — played three songs that night.

Read Wynn’s full statement about the reunion:

“This September marks the 30 year anniversary of the release of The Days of Wine and I’m excited to say The Dream Syndicate will be commemorating the date by reforming for a handful of shows in Spain, the first time that Dennis Duck, Mark Walton and I will have performed as the Dream Syndicate since we walked off stage at the I-Beam in San Francisco back in 1988. We’re going to be joined for these dates (and very possibly some more beyond) by Jason Victor who has so ably carried the torch of the guitarists who have played these songs with us before. I’m really looking forward to these shows and I hope that some of you will have the chance to come down and see them for yourselves.”






  1. Never mind Paul Cutler — where’s Karl Precoda and Kendra Smith to complete the original “TDOWAR” line-up?

  2. This is incredible. Please come to Seattle.

  3. Hector Ruiz

    This music was a revelation to me in my yout’. I still find “Halloween” as creepy as it is beautiful.

    BUT > > There is a “creative” agency that has apparently stolen the artwork from this revered LP. Google “Syndicate Bleu” and feast your eyes on the ill-gotten gains of these Audi A6 and Land Rover-driving shitheads. From the toil of Wynn, et al, comes…new media hipster shitheads? Prove me wrong.

  4. There was a “mini” Dream Syndicate reunion in 2006. Steve Wynn, Paul B. Cutler, Mark Walton, and Dennis Duck performed a set at McCabe’s:

    As far as Precoda, I don’t think he split with Steve on the best of terms, and he’s currently a college professor.

  5. live audio from the 1988 Ghost Stories Tour mixed, recorded, and edited by the sound eng on that tour.
    full show from Chicago Nov 26 1988

  6. Sullen V. Hement

    Sorry, to me, it’s not the same without Karl Precoda. Kendra would be missed also.

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