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Peter Hook to publish ‘Unknown Pleasures: Inside Joy Division’ memoir this fall

Peter Hook will follow up his 2009 memoir “The Hacienda: How Not to Run a Club” this fall with a new book that purports to tell “the definitive story of Joy Division” by offering a behind-the-scenes look into the band’s “friendships and fall-outs, their rehearsals and recording sessions,” as well as the suicide of Ian Curtis and its aftermath.

Due out Sept. 27 in the U.K. via Simon & Schuster, the 336-page hardcover “Unknown Pleasures: Inside Joy Division” features Hook offering “a truly fascinating insight, as only an insider can, into the characters who formed a vital part of the Joy Division legend,” according to his website. Just after the book is published, Hook will embark on a speaking/signing tour of the U.K.

In announcing the book, the legendary bassist is quoted as saying:

“It’s very strange. Over the years Joy Division has become a huge part of music culture. A lot of people think they know what happened. But they don’t. Anyone who’s ever written a book or made a film about Joy Division, unless they were sat in that van or car with us, they don’t know anything about it. Me, Barney, Steve, Ian, Rob, Twinny, Terry and Dave. Only us lot know what really happened…”

When Slicing Up Eyeballs spoke to Hook last September, he discussed the Joy Division book (“It’s just a shock you when you see it written down. It’s been hard to face the timeline, shall we say.”), and said he will follow that memoir with a book covering New Order’s much-longer history: “I’m not looking forward to the New Order book because there’s so much bitterness and so many ups and downs. You don’t want it to be a bitchfest, shall we say.”






  1. Batshiz Crazay

    Hooky’s been busy this past few years capitalizing on the Joy Division name. You’d think he formed, wrote and sang all the songs. And you know there’s not going to be any input from the other members.

  2. Release Lost Sirens, you prick.

  3. Yeah, what Mike C. said!! I want that album!!

  4. Money Mike

    Cash grab maybe….but I really want to read this. I’m fascinated by Ian Curtis and just all the things about the band. I thought ‘Control’ was really good and I’d like to know how factually correct it is. This will inevitably be written from Hook’s POV, and its just one side of the story, but it doesn’t make it any less relevant.

  5. I agree with Money Mike. I’ll probably pick this up because I want to know what he wrote also.

  6. Julio Cortazar

    Peter Hook is ruining the legacy of Monaco! Argh!! Bleh!! I’ll never listen to Monaco again! I’m so angry I might leave the basement today… maybe. But then how would I whine about the legacy! The legacy! Argh!! Bleh!!

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