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This Mortal Coil’s ‘Tears in the Dropbox’ Blu-ray release shelved over ‘packaging issues’

In August 2010, Beggars Archive announced a series of This Mortal Coil reissues, including a CD box set, new vinyl editions of the collective’s three albums and a Blu-ray disc called Tears in the Dropbox that was to feature all three records in high-def stereo. Nearly two years later, the box set and vinyl reissues are out, but not the Blu-ray.

What happened? Well, the Blu-ray “has been indefinitely postponed due to packaging issues,” a Beggars rep wrote in the comments section of a recent post on the catalog imprint’s blog. Tears in the Dropbox was planned to include all three This Mortal Coil albums plus the newly compiled Dust & Guitars singles-and-rarities set on a single Blu-ray disc in high-definition stereo (24bit/96khz), along with the band’s videos and both CD-quality FLAC files and MP3 files of all that music.

But it gets worse for fans hoping for future multimedia projects from the label. The Beggars rep continues: “In the two years plus since that project was instigated, the whole future for Blu-ray and DVD discs is looking doubtful as the hardware companies are trying to drive everyone online to source their sound and vision. This means the market has shrunk and many re-issue projects just don’t make economical sense.”

UPDATE: As one of our sharp-eyed readers points out, only the It’ll End in Tears vinyl reissue came out last year. Planned 180-gram pressings of Filigree & Shadow and Blood by Original Recordings Group did not materialize.






  1. it’s all about the cloud these days. until the cloud crashes and people realize “what the hell was i thinking”. i want a hard copy thank you. the cloud can blow away.

    • It’s so true. Why anyone would want to rely on web access to get to their music collection is really beyond me.

  2. it’s all about the cloud these days… until the cloud crashes and people realize “what the hell was i thinking”. i want a hard copy thank you. the cloud can blow away.

  3. The people who buy these things are not the same as the younger generation who expect their music for free. See how quickly these items sell out.

  4. This makes me so sad.

  5. That’s a really cool image, by the way. Can anyone ID all three people?

  6. Lotus, left to right is Martin McCarrick, I think the lady is Caroline Seaman or Caroline Crawley from Shellyann Orphan…and of course, on the right, the man himself, Ivo Watts-Russell.

    • Yep, I believe that’s Caroline Crawley. Just gave “Helleborine” a spin on the turntable the other day after a few years. Still one of my favorite Shelleyan Orphan records.

      • Thanks guys! They had such a rotating cast of characters, I would ever only recognize the usual suspects (the Cocteaus, Kim and Tanya, etc.) Although I had a pretty good idea that was Ivo in the foreground.

  7. Also, on another discouraging news piece, I exchanged emails with an ORG representative (The label pressing the vinyl reissues) and he said that the remaining vinyl reissues don look very likely either as demand for These items is not high. They are still “analyzing” if the go ahead or not.

  8. I was SO looking forward to this blu-ray. I have all three CDs and would have relished hearing them in high resolution. Urgh… :/

  9. Really pissed

    This really sucks for so many reasons. I am really glad I held off on buying the reissues anticipating the bluray…Now I get to buy the reissues at a much higher price point….

  10. I want theses song in hd !!!

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