Digital Music — July 26, 2012 at 5:00 am

Free MP3: Chelsea Light Moving, ‘Frank O’Hara Hit’ — 3rd track from Thurston Moore project

Wednesday was Thurston Moore’s birthday, and the Sonic Youth frontman saw fit to give fans another gift: “Frank O’Hara Hit,” the third free track from his new band Chelsea Light Moving — which you can stream and/or download below, via Matador Records, which will put out the group’s debut album at some point in the future.

Moore writes: “Today is July 25 and it’s my birthday. I’m 54. This song is called ‘Frank O’Hara Hit.’ And it’s by this band I started called Chelsea Light Moving. Right now we’re whipping around Europe playing some summer love-cry gigs. I wanted to release this song by the end of July because it’s a meditation on that month through history in events that define a lot of what mytho-romanticizes my heart, both broken and blessed at the moment.”

The band, which also features guitarist Keith Wood, bassist Samara Lubelski and drummer John Moloney, is currently touring Europe. You can also check out the first two tracks the band released: “Burroughs” and “Groovy & Linda.”






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