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Ministry’s Al Jourgensen collapses on stage in Paris: ‘The shit hit the fan for me last night’

Ministry frontman Al Jourgensen — who reformed the industrial-metal giant following a blood-draining 2010 health scare — collapsed on stage in Paris on Saturday night and was rushed to an area hospital, where he was “diagnosed to have had a full-system collapse due to extreme dehydration and heat exhaustion.”

According to a statement posted on Ministry’s Facebook page this morning, Jourgesen’s condition was “intensified by the lack of ventilation on stage at the venue” and was not due to drug and/or alcohol intake: “Doctors confirm via blood tests conducted that Jourgensen’s alcohol blood levels were well below normal and no narcotics were found in his system.”

Ministry cut short the Saturday night show at Le Bataclan in Paris, with Jourgensen apparently leaving the stage after performing “Waiting” — video of that performance is posted above — and the band playing “Worthless” without him. Below you can also see the first 45 minutes of the concert, with the film ending about five minutes before Jourgensen left the stage.

The band also canceled its appearance today at L’Etaples France Rock en Stock Festival to allow Jourgensen to travel to Switzerland for “additional medical attention.” The band’s says Jourgensen “fully intends to complete the remaining shows on the Ministry DeFiBriLlaTouR European leg.”

Jourgensen himself, in the statement, thanks the band’s fans for their support and concern: “I will make it up to you, somehow. I love Paris, I love the Parisian people. I’m so sorry …but, shit happens and the shit hit the fan for me last night.”

In announcing Ministry’s reformation last year, Jourgensen revealed a 2010 health scare in which he “bled out 65 percent of my body” from a burst ulcer and flat-lined at the hospital (“I was dead”) before being revived and given a “100 percent blood transfusion.” Following that, Jougensen said, he’s quit drinking, smoking and eating meat, and is nine years drug-free: “I’m the healthiest I’ve been in over 20 years.”

Ministry released a new album, Relapse, earlier this year, and embarked on a short U.S. tour before heading over to Europe. The band’s remaining European dates are listed below.


VIDEO: Ministry in Paris, 7/28/12 (first 45 minutes)


Ministry tour dates:

July 31: Konzerthaus Schurr, Luzern, Switzerland
Aug. 2: Woodstock Festival Poland, Kostrzyn, Poland
Aug. 4: Wacken Open Air 2012, Wacken, Germany Tickets
Aug. 7: Backstagewerk, Munich, Germany
Aug. 8: Szget Festival, Budapest, Hungary
Aug. 9: Brutal Assault, Statenice, Czech Republic
Aug. 11: Moscow Arena, Moscow, Russian Federation
Aug. 12: Glav Club, Saint Petersburg, Russian Federation







  1. Al is a hack. And a drunk hack at that. I doubt his official story.

  2. Totally agree. Talentless, too.

  3. Tara Miller

    No hes not any of those names people are saying in the comments… He is awesome and a legend and is very intelligent … People are so pathetic to even judge someone they dont even know. Get well Al!

  4. tom weber

    Please remove my comment. I regret what I said. Thanks.

  5. Hope he feels better soon. Now’s probably not the time to start damning him. Bloody smart arse trolls. I’ve passed out from dehydration once… it totally sucks.

  6. tom weber

    My thoughts and prayers go out to Al. To kick someone when they are down is so not cool. Al we love you and wish you a speedy recovery =)

  7. Ryan Colgan

    Al rules! Get better soon. The new stuff sounds good!

  8. Al still rocks (and does it better than a lot of people half his age.) A talented, intelligent, outspoken guy and a true character. F**k the negative comments and those making them. Get well soon Mr Jourgensen (and bring Ministry back to Scotland!)xx

  9. I met him in Bristol. He was smashed, but he’s still a legend. Get good soon.

  10. Matt in NJ

    “Legend”, right. Whatever you guys say…

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