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Aztec Camera to reissue all 6 studio albums with bonus B-sides, remixes, live disc

Demon Music Group late next month will reissue all six albums from the Roddy Frame-led Scottish indie-pop act Aztec Camera in 2CD and single-disc expanded editions, each featuring an assortment of bonus cuts including non-album singles, B-sides, remixes and, in the case of the band’s penultimate album, a full bonus live disc.

As Super Deluxe Edition notes, the reissues of 1983’s High Land, Hard Rain, 1984’s Knife, 1987’s Love, 1990’s Stray, 1993’s Dreamland and 1995’s Frestonia are due out Aug. 27 in the U.K. The band’s first two and last albums are being released as expanded single-disc sets, while the middle three will receive more elaborate 2CD reissues.

All told, the reissues feature 50 bonus tracks spread across the six albums, including two versions of the band’s famous cover of Van Halen’s “Jump,” six different mixes of “Good Morning Britain”  — Frame’s duet with The Clash’s Mick Jones — and the 13-track Live at Ronnie Scott’s album, recorded June 23, 1991, and paired with the Dreamland reissue.

See full tracklists below:


Tracklist: Aztec Camera, High Land, Hard Rain: Expanded Edition

Original album:
1. “Oblivious”
2. “The Boy Wonders”
3. “Walk Out To Winter”
4. “The Bugle Sounds Again”
5. “We Could Send Letters”
6. “Pillar To Post”
7. “Release”
8. “Lost Outside The Tunnel”
9. “Back On Board”
10. “Down The Dip”
Bonus tracks:
11. “Queen’s Tattoos”
12. “Haywire”
13. “Orchid Girl”
14. “Set The Killing Free”
15. “Oblivious” [12″ mix]
16. “Walk Out To Winter” [12″ extended version]
17. “Oblivious” [12″ extended remix]


Tracklist: Aztec Camera, Knife: Expanded Edition

Original album:
1. “Still On Fire”
2. “Just Like The USA”
3. “Head Is Happy (Heart’s Insane)”
4. “The Back Door To Heaven”
5. “All I Need Is Everything”
6. “Backwards And Forwards”
7. “The Birth Of The True”
8. “Knife”
Bonus tracks:
9. “All I Need Is Everything” [7″ edit]
10. “Jump”
11. “All I Need Is Everything” [remix]
12. “Jump” [Loaded version]


Tracklist: Aztec Camera, Love: Expanded Edition

CD 1: Original album
1. “Deep And Wide And Tall”
2. “How Men Are”
3. “Everybody Is A Number One”
4. “More Than A Law”
5. “Somewhere In My Heart”
6. “Working In A Goldmine”
7. “One And One”
8. “Paradise”
9. “Killermont Street”

CD 2: Bonus tracks
1. “Deep And Wide And Tall” [Breakdown Mix]
2. “Bad Education”
3. “The Red Flag”
4. “Killermont Street” [live]
5. “Pillar To Post” [live]
6. “Somewhere In My Heart” [12″ remix]
7. “Everybody Is A Number One” [Boston ’86 Version]
8. “Somewhere In My Heart” [The alternate mix]
9. “I Threw It All Away” [live]
10. “Working In A Goldmine” [sax version]


Tracklist: Aztec Camera, Stray: Expanded Edition

CD 1: Original album
1. “Stray
2. “The Crying Scene
3. “Get Outta London
4. “Over My Head
5. “Good Morning Britain
6. “How It Is
7. “The Gentle Kind
8. “Notting Hill Blues
9. “Song For A Friend

CD 2: Bonus tracks
1. “Salvation”
2. “True Colours”
3. “Consolation Prize” [live]
4. “Do I Love You?”
5. “Good Morning Britain” [7″ mix]
6. “Good Morning Britain” [Laylow Posse Hypno-Mix/Kitsch n Sync mix]
7. “Good Morning Britain” [Laylow Posse Hypnomental/instrumental mix]
8. “Good Morning Britain” [Laylow Posse Hypno-edit/vocal remix]
9. “Good Morning Britain” [Mendelsohn Single mix]
10. “Good Morning Britain” [Morning Acid mix]


Tracklist: Aztec Camera, Dreamland: Expanded Edition

Disc 1: Original album + more
1. “Birds”
2. “Safe in Sorrow”
3. “Black Lucia”
4. “Let Your Love Decide”
5. “Spanish Horses”
6. “Dream Sweet Dreams”
7. “Pianos and Clocks”
8. “Sister Ann”
9. “Vertigo”
10. “Valium Summer”
11. “The Belle of the Ball”
Bonus track:
12. “(If Paradise Is) Half As Nice” [Aztec Camera with Andy Fairweather-Low]

Disc 2: Live at Ronnie Scott’s
Recorded at Ronnie Scott’s Club, London, 23rd June 1991

1. “Birth Of The True”
2. “Song For A Friend”
3. “Killermont Street”
4. “Spanish Horses”
5. “Stray”
6. “The Bugle Sounds Again”
7. “Dolphins”
8. “How Men Are”
9. “Sister Ann”
10. “Good Morning Britain”
11. “Mattress Of Wire”
12. “Let Your Love Decide”
13. “Orchid Girl”
Bonus track:
14. “Just Like The USA” [live at Sala Apollo, Barcelona]


Tracklist: Aztec Camera, Frestonia: Expanded Edition

Original album:
1. “Rainy Season”
2. “Sun”
3. “Crazy”
4. “On The Avenue”
5. “Imperfectly”
6. “Debutante”
7. “Beautiful Girl”
8. “Phenomenal World”
9. “Method of Love”
10. “Sunset”
Bonus tracks: Live At The Phoenix Festival, July 1995
11. “The Crying Scene”
12. “Black Lucia”
13. “We Could Send Letters”
14. “Rainy Season”




  1. Maria Meredith

    Now they must tour!!!

  2. Wow! This is great news, though I’m a bit saddened to see they didn’t chose to include the first two singles Just Like Gold and Mattress Of Wire. These have never seen a release on cd, and a this point probably never will.

  3. Gor blimey, 6 bloody mixes of good morning Britain? a track that was very much of it’s time. Still, Jump loaded version available at last on a UK release.

  4. scuzzlebutt

    high land, hard rain is one of the greatest albums ever recorded.

  5. Good on them for having all the versions of Good Morning Britain, redundancy be damned.

  6. Are these reissues going to be remastered?

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