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Stream: Pet Shop Boys, ‘Leaving’ — second single off forthcoming ‘Elysium’

The Pet Shop Boys today announced that the song “Leaving” will be the second single off the forthcoming Elysium, and will be released Oct. 15 in the U.K. on CD, 12-inch and as a digital download bundle “with extra tracks and remixes.” The single will feature two different covers, one featuring Neil Tennant, as shown above, and the other Chris Lowe. The track is slated to premiere on BBC Radio 2 on Friday, but a quick search of YouTube and Vimeo reveals that “Leaving” already has surfaced online — check it out below.

Elysium is out Sept. 10 in the U.K. and Sept. 11 in the U.S.

UPDATE 8/30/12: Official lyrics video now released (see below)







  1. It didn’t surface for long!

  2. Aaron Nagler

    The first two singles off this album sound like B-sides. Production is fine, but the sound coupled with melodies and lyrics just sound like they’ve emerged from a PSB song factory. Slightly disappointing…

  3. Jack the Lad

    So is the rest of the album, sorry to say. Shame because they had a pretty good run there after Release.

  4. Very Behavior-ish, i like it.

  5. They need to title their next album “Yawn”.

  6. “Elysium” isn’t an album of stompers; it’s a mellow, vast, grown-up affair. And it’s rather brilliant.

  7. Beautiful. I love it.

  8. I fuckin Love the new album, Great for late night drives

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