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Video: The Dream Syndicate reunites for 30th anniversary concerts in Spain

On Friday night, Steve Wynn reconvened The Dream Syndicate for the first of four 30th anniversary reunion concerts in Spain, playing a 15-song set heavy on The Days of Wine and Roses before a festival crowd in Barcelona. Not much video has yet emerged, but we’ve got a few clips posted from that show and Saturday’s concert in Valencia.

That band features frontman Wynn, original drummer Dennis Duck, bassist Mark Walton (who joined after 1984′s Medicine Show) and guitarist Jason Victor, who plays in Wynn’s current band, The Miracle Three. Wynn is billing the reunion as the first full Dream Syndicate shows since 1988, although the band reunited in 1991 for a short performance at a Los Angeles benefit and again in 2006 under the “Steve Wynn & Friends” banner for a show in Santa Monica, Calif.

The Dream Syndicate plays tonight tonight in Madrid and Saturday in Bilbao; Wynn has said this fall’s reunion will consist of “a handful of shows” and “very possibly” could include dates beyond the Spanish concerts.


Setlist: The Dream Syndicate, BAM Festival, Barcelona, Spain, 9/21/12

1. “See That My Grave is Kept Clean”
2. “Tell Me When It’s Over”
3. “Forest for the Trees”
4. “Burn”
5. “Definitely Clean”
6. “That’s What You Always Say”
7. “Until Lately”
8. “50 in a 25 Zone”/”Now I Ride Alone”
9. “Boston”
10. “When You Smile”
11. “The Medicine Show”
12. “Halloween”
13. “That Side I’ll Never Show”
14. “The Days of Wine and Roses”
15. “John Coltrane Stereo Blues”








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  1. I saw last night’s gig in Madrid and it was absolutely brilliant! amazing sound and the band was in top form. A bit over two hours long.
    They started with “See that my grave is kept clean”, went on to play tracks from “out of the grey”, “medicine show” and “Ghost stories”, then the whole “Days of wine and Roses” album from start to finish and for the encore they played “The medicine show” and an almost 20-minute version of “JC Stereo blues”.

    setlist: (order might be slightly incorrect until “DOWR album”
    -See that my grave is kept clean
    -Daddy’s girl
    -Loving the sinner,hating the sin
    -Forest for the trees
    -The side I’ll never show
    -Now I ride alone
    -Tell me when it’s over
    -Definitely clean
    -That’s what you always say
    -Then she remembers
    -When you smile
    -Until lately
    -Too little, too late
    -Days of wine and roses
    -The Medicine show
    -John Coltrane Stereo blues

    the place was packed, all tickets sold out, and as I said before the gig was amazing. Best live version of “Definitely clean” I’ve ever heard. Jason Victor was particularly motivated the whole gig. They also said the gig was being recorded, by the way.

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