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Stream: Robert Smith covers Sinatra standard ‘Witchcraft’ for ‘Frankenweenie Unleashed!’

Tim Burton’s latest stop-motion creation, “Frankenweenie,” doesn’t debut in theaters for another 10 days, but the companion album Frankenweenie Unleashed! came out today featuring a brand-new recording from The Cure’s Robert Smith: a woozy cover of the old Frank Sinatra standard “Witchcraft,” which you can stream here.

Not to be confused with Danny Elfman’s actual soundtrack, the new companion record also features contributions from Karen O of Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Grace Potter featuring The Flaming Lips and Neon Trees, plus Plain White T’s contributing a cover of the Ramones’ “Pet Sematary,” from the soundtrack to the 1989 Stephen King adaptation.

The Robert Smith track is for sale via iTunes and







  1. Oh dear, awful.
    Robert Smith has a unique voice that only suits what he does in the Cure, whenever he tries to sing something different he exposes his voice for what it really is…

  2. I disagree 100%–this is charming, creepy, and sexy. And Robert has sung on many (many) non-Cure songs that are: the tits, as we say where I am, like, just recently–Japanese Popstars, 65daysofstatic, Crystal Castles, and his work on the Johnny Boy project.

  3. I honestly found nothing charming about it whatsoever, creepy? Maybe. Awful? Definately.
    I respect the guy greatly as a songwriter, but he needs to stop all this other nonsense.

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