Concerts — September 26, 2012 at 8:28 am

Peter Murphy announces $500-a-ticket ‘Halloween Miracula’ concert in Los Angeles

Former Bauhaus frontman Peter Murphy will revive the “Miracula” concept he first employed for an all-inclusive Las Vegas weekend this past March for a trimmed-down Halloween event at a “secret location” in the Los Angeles area that will include a 2-act concert, a cocktail party, a “moveable feast” and “intimate conversation” with Murphy.

“Halloween Miracula” is set for 6 p.m. to 1:30 a.m. Oct. 27, and tickets are $500 apiece — with a total of 125 available. That’s actually much cheaper than the Vegas iteration of Miracula, which was a weekend-long event with a smaller capacity — it was limited to 50 fans — and much larger price tag: bids started at nearly $4,000 for that event.

As for the Halloween Miracula, here’s the formal announcement from Murphy’s website:

Peter Murphy invites you to join him as one of his very special guests at a luminescent Halloween Miracula on Saturday, October 27, 2012 6-1:30 am at a secret location in the Los Angeles area .

The night will begin with cocktails as guests arrive. A moonlit 2-act concert will follow, with a special set list that has been chosen and arranged for this event. After the show, the party begins, with cocktails, a moveable feast, music, and merriment. Peter will join in the festivities and spend the evening reveling with his guests. Smaller groups will be invited throughout the evening to join Peter in a private room at the location to have more intimate conversation, take photos, and sign autographs. Special Miracula Halloween gifts will be given to each guest.

Costumes are encouraged but not necessary, but it is Halloween so resplendent finery is in order.

Halloween Miracula. Will you be able to say you were there?

No word yet if Stan Lee will be there. Tickets can be ordered here.






  1. At $500 a pop, it will take a Miracula to get me to go.

  2. Batshiz Crazay

    He tried to kick the phone out of my hand during a show this year- maybe i should charge him $500 for being a douche. After seeing him whine and complain the entire show, he owes me another $500.

  3. richardramirez

    i dont see this show selling many tickets. its beyond expensive. he plays in los angeles like 4/5x a year already in large to small venues every few months as it is for like 20 bux. ITS NOT BAUHAUS. there are already a million and one fun less expensive things to do in and around la that time of year.

  4. Hey, Rich–don’t go.

  5. Hey Batshiz. Let it go man. You posted the same garbage last time, 8 months ago. Only then it was he DID kick the phone out of your hand. Now it’s he TRIED to kick it out of your hand. Which story are you gonna go with next time?

  6. $500!!? This guy has lost it, big time!

  7. Notch Johnson

    Awesome idea. If I was a BIG fan of his I’d scrape together the 500 bones to do it.

    Love to see Ian Mac or the Bunnynen do something like this in the states. I’d be all over it.

  8. $500.00 a ticket to see peter murphy. Only in California? I am a big fan but that is alot of money. In such an economy? It would be nice to see him. I would love to, really. But I am in Chicago and dont have that kind of money. Must be nice to have money, you can get away with pretty much anything. I guess its all about the money. I really think peter is such a creative soulful man with alot of talent. Spiritual? I will not judge. Asking for that much money from people, does not seem right. I guess I wont see him. Thanks

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