Video — November 13, 2012 at 6:01 am

Video: Johnny Marr, ‘The Messenger’ — first track off Smiths guitarist’s new solo record

Johnny Marr today premiered the first song off his new solo record The Messenger by releasing a starkly black-and-white video for the album’s hypnotic title track — which you can watch right here. The album, written and produced by the former Smiths guitarist, who also handles vocals, is due out Feb. 26 in the U.S. on Sire/ADA.






  1. Not bad! Very nice riffage. Pretty good groove.

  2. Great track. Has a bit of a summer feel. It’ll help get me through the winter. Looking forward to hearing more.

  3. Sounds like a Charlatans UK single from 1997 but not bad. Definitely want to hear the rest of the album asap.

  4. very cool! not a fan of The Smiths but this sounds awesome

  5. I dig it!!!!!!!!!

  6. oh dear it sounds really good. i didn’t know johnny could even sing this good

  7. It could quite easily be a new Electronic single. After the first 30 seconds of the song, all is revealed and the rest is redundancy, really. It’s also the typical problem with pop, musicians think they need to have vocals when there’s nothing they want to say. I’d prefer this as just an instrumental.

  8. william nothing

    might be listenable if it had morrissey singing his own lyrics

  9. Really enjoyed the track. A little long for what it is but very good. I agree about it sounding like Charlatans UK or even Stone Roses. But let’s remember it was Marr that no doubt influenced those bands!

  10. Notch Johnson

    Ok…watched it several times and I’m going to say I like it. Good stuff.

  11. If no one knew who Johnny Marr was, every 20-something would say he’s biting off the Strokes and other modern bands. But this is a really moody good track. Def a Stone Roses sound. I hear Charlatans, early U2 and The Church, too. Rich guitar sound.

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