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Killing Joke announces ‘Singles Collection: 1979-2012,’ tour dates in U.S., Europe

Killing Joke will celebrate its 35th anniversary in 2013 with the release of the brand-new, multi-format The Singles Collection: 1979-2012 — including a 34-disc version — a still-to-be-recorded new studio album and a world tour beginning in March, initial dates of which were announced today across Europe and North America.

The original lineup of the band — featuring Jaz Coleman, Kevin “Geordie” Walker, Martin “Youth” Glover and Paul Ferguson — today announced the release and formats of the new singles collection, which is due out April 15 on Spinefarm/Universal.

No tracklist has been revealed, but it will be released in multiple formats, including a 3CD edition that will include 33 singles across two discs and a third disc of rarities, including previously unreleased studio tracks. For fans, the real prize will be a 34-disc super-deluxe edition that will be sold directly by the band via PledgeMusic beginning at £216 (or about $350).

UPDATE: See tracklist below

The super-deluxe edition will include:

  • Hand-numbered hinged-lid “cigar box” made from 1500mcn black-lined rigid board finished with matte print retrospective artwork.
  • 33 CD singles plus selected B-sides in full-color card wallets featuring original artwork.
  • Rarities disc, including previously unreleased studio tracks.
  • 32-page perfect-bound book including rare photos, archive notes, band commentary.
  • Poster designed and personally signed by long-time Killing Joke artist/champion, Mike Coles, printed on 250gsm silk art.
  • Aluminum screw-top branded cigar tube containing original wrappers of cigars smoked by Jaz Coleman and the late Paul Raven during the recording of the Hosannas From The Basements Of Hell album.

Killing Joke is due to begin recording its next studio album shortly, and that is expected to be released in late 2013. Coleman also is publishing a book, “Letters From Cythera,” and the band previously has talked about releasing a 3CD dub collection next year as well.

Coleman says:

“Considering it’s supposed to be the end of the world in a short time, it gives me great pleasure to announce a new singles album with some real rarities on it, shortly followed by a new studio recording. The book ‘Letters From Cythera’ is coming out, and yes, gigs are starting in March. Have a great 2012 and fuck the Mayans! After all, their calendar didn’t predict their own demise”

The band today also announced the initial dates of its 2013 tour, including two in the U.K., one apiece in Belgium and France, and 10 dates across North America in April and May. More concerts are expected in Europe, but it’s not clear if additional North American shows are planned. The band previously had announced it would play a “limited” number of U.S. dates next spring.


Killing Joke tour dates:

March 15: Hammerfest, Wales, UK
March 16: Forum, London, UK
March 18: Trix, Antwerp, Belgium
March 20: Bataclan, Paris, France

April 19: Irving Plaza, New York, NY
April 23: Cafe Campus, Montreal, PQ
April 24: Lee’s Palace, Toronto, ONT
April 26: Empty Bottle, Chicago, IL
April 27: Empty Bottle, Chicago, IL
April 30: Neumos, Seattle, WA
May 1: Rickshaw Theatre, Vancouver, BC
May 3: Fillmore, San Francisco, CA
May 4: Brick By Brick, San Diego, CA
May 5: Henry Fonda, Los Angeles, CA


Tracklist: Killing Joke, The Singles Collection: 1979-2012: Super Deluxe Edition

CD 1
1. “Nervous System”
2. “Turn To Red”

CD 2
1. “War Dance”
2. “Pssyche”

CD 3
1. “Requiem”
2. “Change”

CD 4
1. “Follow The Leaders”
2. “Tension”

CD 5
1. “Empire Song”
2. “Brilliant”

CD 6
1. “”Chop-Chop”
2. “Good Samaritan”

CD 7
1. “Birds of A Feather”
2. “Flock The BSide”

CD 8
1. “Let’s All Go (To The Fire Dances)”
2. “Dominator”

CD 9
1. “Me Or You?”
2. “Wilful Days”

CD 10
1. “Eighties”
2. “Eighties” (Coming Mix)

CD 11
1. “A New Day”
2. “Dance Day”

CD 12
1. “Love Like Blood”
2. “Blue Feather” (Version)

CD 13
1. “Kings And Queens”
2. “The Madding Crowd (Remixed By Killing Joke)

CD 14
1. “Adorations”
2. “Exile”

CD 15
1. “Sanity”
2. “Goodbye To The Village”

CD 16
1. “America”
2. “Jihad”

CD 17
1. “My Love Of This Land”
2. “Darkness Before Dawn”

CD 18
1. “The Beautiful Dead”

CD 19
1. “Money Is Not Our God”
2. “North Of the Border”

CD 20
1. “Exorcism” (Live In King’s Chamber Cairo, Aug 1993 Mix)
2. “Whiteout” (The Intellect Is Ugly Remix) (Mandragora Edit)

CD 21
1. “Millennium” (Cybersank Edit)
2. “Millennium” (Cybersank Extended Remix)

CD 22
1. “Pandemonium” (Cybersank Edit)
2. “Pandemonium” (Cybersank Extended Remix)

CD 23
1. “Jana”
2. “Jana” (Dragonfly Mix)

CD 24
1. “Democracy” (Album Mix)
2. “Mass”

CD 25
1. “Loose Cannon”
2. “Wardance” (Ultimate Version)

CD 26
1. “Seeing Red” (edit)
2. “Seeing Red” (Jagz Kooner Remix w/vox)

CD 27
1. “Hosannas From The Basements Of Hell” (Radio Edit)
2. “Afterburner” (Alternative Version)

CD 28
1. “In Excelsis”
2. “Kali Yuga”

CD 29
1. “European Super State” (edit)
2. “European Super State” (Youth Remix)

CD 30
1. “Fresh Fever”

CD 31
1. “Ghosts of Ladbroke Grove”
2. “Ghosts of Ladbroke Grove” (Dub)

CD 32
1. “In Cythera” (Edit)
2. “Penny Drops”

CD 33
1. “Corporate Elect”
2. “New Uprising”
3. “In Cythera” (Bloody Beetroots Remix)

1. ‘Transient Place’
From ‘Freispiel: The Soundtrack’.
2. ‘Zennon’
B-side of ‘Loose Cannon’ single.
3. ‘Drug’
From the ‘Mortal Kombat’ soundtrack.
4. ‘Hollywood Babylon’ (longer intro mix)
From the ‘Showgirls’ soundtrack.
5. ‘Our Last Goodbye’
From the ‘Free The Memphis 3’ album.
6. ‘Sixth +Sun’
Unreleased track from the ‘Absolute Dissent’ sessions.
7. ‘Wardance’ (Naval Mix).
8. ‘Requiem’ (Acapella Mix).
9. ‘Pandemonium’ (Aotearoa Mix)
10. ‘Four Stations Of The Sun’
Studio version
11. ’Feast Of Fools’ (rough mix)
Unreleased track from the ‘Absolute Dissent’ sessions.
12. ‘iBuy’ – with Tim Burgess.
Track for Classic Rock collaborations CD.
13. ‘Timewave’ (rough mix)
Unreleased track from the ‘Absolute Dissent’ sessions.
14. Jaz & Youth Shamanic Ritual Live in the King’s Chamber Giza Pyramid
(Pre-recording vocals for 3.Pandemonium).
15. ‘Ravings of Jaz’
(A conversation on philosophy between Youth & Jaz circa 2003).
16. ‘Intellect’ (feat. Aboud Abdel Al)
Track from ‘Democracy’ (previously unreleased version featuring this celebrated violin player).






  1. Ive always flubbed the chance to see KJ, not this time! I’m definitely getting this collection.

  2. 33 CD single plus selected b-sides…not sure what that means, are they excluding some b-sides?

  3. The last two U.S. tours were cancelled. I’m not holding out much hope for these dates. No way would I buy a ticket ahead of time. Fool me twice……

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