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Readers Poll 2012: Best albums of the year

Well, it’s the final day of 2012, so time has run out for us to unveil the results of the Slicing Up Eyeballs Readers Poll 2012. We’ve tallied up your votes, weeded out the ineligible stuff (like Grizzly Bear and Iron Maiden) and are ready to look back at the year that was for our beloved ’80s college-rock artists. Here we go.

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10. VCMG, Ssss

BACKSTORY: Former Depeche Mode bandmates Vince Clarke and Martin L. Gore reunited for the first time since Speak & Spell to write and record an instrumental techno album.
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9. Public Image Ltd., This is PiL

BACKSTORY: John Lydon returned this year with his first new Public Image Ltd. album in 20 years, a self-released record featuring players from PiL’s mid- to late-’80s lineups.
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8. Killing Joke, MMXII

BACKSTORY: The classic post-punk act this year released its 15th studio album — and the band’s second new record since the original lineup reunited a few years back.
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7. Dinosaur Jr, I Bet On Sky

BACKSTORY: The original lineup of the beloved indie-rock trio (J Mascis, Lou Barlow and Murph) this year put out its third post-reunion album and 10th record overall.
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6. Ultravox, Brilliant

BACKSTORY: The band’s most commercially successful, Midge Ure-fronted ’80s lineup reunited and this year released its first album in 28 years.
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5. The Fixx, Beautiful Friction

BACKSTORY: This British New Wave band this year returned with its classic ’80s lineup to release its 10th studio album, and first effort in nearly a decade.
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4. Pet Shop Boys, Elysium

BACKSTORY: Neil Tennant and Chris Lowe this year issued their 11th studio album, a somewhat downbeat effort helmed by Kanye West producer Andrew Dawson.
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3. Swans, The Seer

BACKSTORY: Michael Gira this year released his second album, a sprawling double record, since reviving the long-dormant Swans name a few years ago.
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2. Dead Can Dance, Anastasis

BACKSTORY: Brendan Perry and Lisa Gerrard delighted fans by reuniting this year, not just for a tour, but to deliver their eighth album together and first since breaking up in 1998.
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1. Bob Mould, Silver Age

BACKSTORY: The former Hüsker Dü frontman this year released his 10th solo album since the breakup of that band, a record he likened to Sugar’s classic 1992 debut Copper Blue.
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  1. Can you put the embeds on something that doesn’t suck and doesn’t make me register?

  2. It was a slow year.

  3. King Krak, I Rule the Game

    My favorite for the year is from 90’s synthpop band And One: STOP. http://www.amazon.com/STOP-And-One/dp/B006O9MG80/

    I’m also a huge PSB fan (greatest band ever), but sorry, I cannot give Elysium a “top ten”. Their previous album, 2009’s Yes, was great, and vastly superior (- ha, even Amazon reviewers strongly agree).

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