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Electronic’s self-titled debut to be reissued as 2CD special edition with 8 unreleased tracks

The 1991 self-titled debut from indie supergroup Electronic — featuring New Order frontman Bernard Sumner and guitarist Johnny Marr of The Smiths, with the occasional assist from Pet Shop Boys singer Neil Tennant — will be reissued this spring in a 2CD special edition featuring eight previously unreleased bonus tracks.

The 23-track set is due out March 11 in the U.K. via EMI Music Catalogue, according to a listing at online retailer The reissue will include a newly remastered edition of the original album on one disc, accompanied by a second CD featuring a dozen alternate versions, remixes, edits, B-sides and instrumentals, including the Tennant-sung non-album single “Disappointed” and two versions of the title track to 1999’s Twisted Tenderness.

Electronic, the first of three albums from the sporadic supergroup, previously was reissued in an expanded digital edition in 2007 using a 1994 remastering of the album and including different bonus material than the forthcoming 2CD set.

See full tracklist below.


Tracklist: Electronic, Electronic: Special Edition

1. “Idiot Country”
2. “Reality”
3. “Tighten Up”
4. “The Patience Of A Saint”
5. “Getting Away With It”
6. “Gangster”
7. “Soviet”
8. “Get The Message”
9. “Try All You Want”
10. “Some Distant Memory”
11. “Feel Every Beat”

1. “Disappointed” (Stephen Hague 7” Inch Version)
2. “Second To None” (Edit) *
3. “Lean To The Inside” (Edit) *
4. “Twisted Tenderness” (Guitar / Vocal Mix) *
5. “Idiot Country Two” (12” Version)
6. “Free Will” (Edit) *
7. “Until The End Of Time” (Edit) *
8. “Feel Every Beat” (Edit) *
9. “Getting Away With It” (Instrumental)
10. “Turning Point” (Edit)
11. “Visit Me” (Edit) *
12. “Twisted Tenderness” (Instrumental) *

* Previously unreleased






  1. This is one of my favorite albums of all time! The selection of bonus tracks is a bit odd though, as it includes tracks from Electronic’s other 2 albums. I’m interested to hear the unreleased tracks, but as a document the 2007 digital expanded edition has a better group of bonus tracks.

    • “Some Distant Memory” is one of the greatest New Order songs never recorded by New Order, with the Peter Hook bass replaced by synth. Best track on the album, worst – any of the two where Barney raps.

  2. I don’t like that black cover!

  3. Awesome!

  4. I listened to Electronic’s first record more times than I can imagine, so it will be interesting to hear a remaster. Though, I feel that Lucky Bag ought to have been included.

  5. Disappointed might be my favorite Electronic song!

  6. Very good news indeed… Despite the fact most of the so called Unreleased tracks were actually released :)
    Free Will, Second To None, Lean To The Inside… were released as various B.Sides to singles taken from the album.
    But anyway, everybody may not have those Maxi Singles and it’s good news to have them remastered :)

  7. what were the people who compiled that bonus disc smoking?

  8. “I don’t like that black cover!”

    Agreed, the original is better. But at least they didn’t repurpose the cover from Raise the Pressure–oh, my. It looks like one that Yes would have adored.

    • Amelia: For years I avoided that album because of the cover. Yes, I was that shallow at one time. When I finally heard it I kicked myself.

  9. Brian Barker

    What’s with all the edits on the bonus disc? I have most of these tracks on the CD singles and they aren’t that long…

    Regardless I’m curious to hear this…

  10. Still not available on iTunes Canada :^(

  11. Stephanie

    Did this come out already? I would buy it just to have ‘Free Will’ again … I used to listen to it as the B side to ‘Get the Message’ 12″ single on vinyl!

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