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Midnight Oil’s ‘Essential Oils’ 2CD best-of set to receive U.S. release next month

Midnight Oil, 'Essential Oils'

The double-disc, 26-track best-of set from Australian rockers Midnight Oil that was released Down Under last fall will receive a belated American release April 30 via Columbia/Legacy, the label announced today. Essential Oils offers a career-spanning overview of the band’s catalog, sampling cuts from 1978′s self-titled debut through 2002 swan song Capricornia.

The collection presents Midnight Oil’s work chronologically, including at least one song — and as many as five, in the case of 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 and Diesel and Dust — from each studio album, and even pulling songs from the Bird Noises and Species Deceases EPs and the Real Thing hybrid studio/live album.

See full tracklist below.


Tracklist: Midnight Oil, Essential Oils

CD 1
1. “Run By Night”
2. “Cold Cold Change”
3. “Back On the Borderline”
4. “Wedding Cake Island”
5. “No Time for Games”
6. “Don’t Wanna Be the One”
7. “Armistice Day”
8. “Lucky Country”
9. “Only the Strong”
10. “Short Memory”
11. “Read About It”
12. “US Forces”
13. “Power and the Passion”
14. “When the Generals Talk”
15. “Best of Both Worlds”
16. “Kosciusko”
17. “Progress”
18. “Hercules”

CD 2
1. “Beds Are Burning”
2. “Put Down That Weapon”
3. “Dreamworld”
4. “The Dead Heart”
5. “Warakurna”
6. “Blue Sky Mine”
7. “Forgotten Years”
8. “King of the Mountain”
9. “One Country”
10. “Truganini”
11. “My Country”
12. “In the Valley”
13. “Surf’s Up Tonight”
14. “Redneck Wonderland”
15. “White Skin Black Heart”
16. “Say Your Prayers”
17. “Golden Age”
18. “Luritja Way”





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