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Depeche Mode to perform at South By Southwest during first-ever visit to festival

Depeche Mode, circa 2012

Depeche Mode’s visit to Austin, Texas, next week for the South By Southwest Music Festival won’t just be all-talk: The band today announced that, in addition to its Q&A session about upcoming album Delta Machine, it will perform its first-ever showcase at the annual music festival on Friday, March 15. The set will be streamed on Yahoo! Music on March 26.

The band is set to take the stage at 10 p.m. at Brazos Hall, two days after its Q&A session moderated by KCRW music director Jason Bentley.

South By Southwest is holding a special ticket lottery that’s open to all SXSW Platinum and Music badge holders beginning today at 12 p.m. CST. Full details are at sxsw.com/ticket-drawings.

The band’s new album is due out March 26, and will be followed by a world tour. Details of DM’s planned North American leg are to be announced “in the coming weeks,” according to the group’s publicist.






  1. One thing about DM, is the setlists are very predictable. They play the same hits tour after tour and basically ignore everything prior to Black Celebration. The only pre-BC songs they have played since 1993 are:

    Just Can’t Get Enough
    Photographic (a handful of times)
    Leave in Silence (Martin Gore vers)
    Everything Counts
    Master & Servant (a few times on the last tour).

    And you can be sure this tour will be no different. They rarely play anything other than the singles from the post BC albums.

    It would be nice if DM shook things up and dug deep like The Cure, Duran Duran, and many other bands do.

  2. Top 10 DM songs that haven’t been played in 20 years that NEED to be played:

    New Life
    The Sun & The Rainfall
    Told You So
    Blasphemous Rumors
    Lie to Me
    The Things You Said
    Here is the House
    The Sweetest Perfection
    Higher Love

  3. ChaChaBoom

    yes DM are very boring live if you’ve seen them once already

    • I totally disagree. Them sound great live and I like that they will play songs from the album and not just their greatest hits. if you look at their past set lists they are not all the same…. I would venture to say you are not one of the devoted…

  4. Yeah Stan I agree nice list, Lie to Me would great to see them play live. The Sun & The Rainfall is a great choice too. I know Fletch loves that song!

  5. The Cure are the most insufferably boring band on the planet, Depeche Mode put on a show, if its not your kind of show, stay at home and let the rest of us enjoy it.

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