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Video: Watch Depeche Mode’s full 48-minute ‘Live on Letterman’ concert

Depeche Mode tonight formally launched its new album Delta Machine with the kick-off performance of the 2013 season of the “Live on Letterman” concert series, playing a live concert that was webcast on and VEVO — and for those who were in the Big Apple, it also was shown live on the on CBS’s JumboTron screen in Times Square.

Watch the full 9-song, 48-minute performance above (if you’re in the U.S.; the stream is being restricted geographically by CBS). The set features five new songs.

The band then stuck around to play current single “Heaven” on “The Late Show with David Letterman,” which you can see below. Also below, via @Ultra_Depeche, we present full audio of the band’s “Live on Letterman” concert, which featured several new songs as well as some classics.

The synthpop legends will follow that up this week with their first-ever appearance at South By Southwest for a Q&A session and live performance, then a European album-release show this weekend in Austria. The band’s 2013 world tour launches May 4 in France and continues late July in Europe, and today’s just-unannounced North American dates to follow.

Delta Machine is due out March 26.


Setlist: Depeche Mode, Ed Sullivan Theater, New York City, NY, 3/11/13

1. “Angel” *
2. “Should Be Higher” *
3. “Walking In My Shoes”
4. “Barrel of a Gun”
5. “Heaven” *
6. “Personal Jesus”
7. “Soft Touch/Raw Nerve” *
8. “Soothe My Soul” *
9. “Enjoy the Silence”

* New songs off ‘Delta Machine’








  1. Too many bloody classics, only a couple of new tracks including Angel & Heaven.
    Should Be Higher is one of the weirdest songs they ever recorded. Delta Machine is going to be a grower i think.

  2. It’s nice to see “Barrel Of A Gun” (love Martin on guitar!) in the set-list! Here’s hoping it stays and others are added! Love DM and seen them a bunch but I honestly think they need to take it down a notch, do some halls, theaters, and multiple club dates instead of all these arenas and stadiums…kinda like the venues Dave and Martin were booking during their brief solo tours… I have a feeling a majority of this new material won’t really fly live in this environment (beer and piss moments especially “Heaven”!)….this may be worse that the Exciter Tour ’98 but gotta hear the rest of the album (“Soothe My Soul” is a bore)… reminds me of seeing NIN during the Fragility V2.0 Tour (fucking arenas!)… or Bowie’s Stage Tour ’78 (yawn)….. “Soft Touch-Raw Nerve” is pretty psychedelic blues, love to hear a “bare” version of this or a complete rock out!

  3. Excluding the Intro, 9 songs. 5 were new. 4 classics as you say. Last tour they did a pre-show on Kimmel. I traveled a bit to get there. They played 5 songs. Wrong, Peace, Come Back, PJ, and NLMDA.

    I was rather impressed they played 9 songs. 5 of the new album.

    However, I’ve got to be honest. I’m not a fan of Angel and Heaven, eh, not so much. And I was deeply worried when they said this album would be an in between of V and SOFAD. 2 dM albums not even in my top 5. SBH is promising. Raw Nerve as well. Soothe, again, eh. We will see.

    Whats important now is we support our guys. When the album comes out, we will listen to it in full. See where it takes us. Every dM album hasnt always wowed me, but there are always those gems, those moments that truly take you somewhere else. Depeche Mode has never let me down. Lest we should them. Hang in there. Delta Machine well may be THAT album that changes your life.

  4. Dave’s voice is starting to sound really strained. Still a great front man. I miss Alan WIlder

  5. Well, the irony of it being shoved down passers by throats in Time Square and not made available to real fans in my geographic region (Holland)…

  6. Were the North American tour dates really “unannounced” or is that a typo above?

  7. SBH very good but Dave’s voice really struggling to nail this “live”.

  8. I’m sorry but I was really excited about the record and tour. However, the new record is actually losing my interest and I haven’t heard it yet. I also can’t take that same old, state setlist. (“Barrel of a Gun” being included is exciting) I may just save my money for The Cure at Lollapalooza.

  9. Alberto Cabezas

    Too bad they choose the same songs as always. ETS was great without the messy battery part. Heaven was just an Okay song. SBH was really an oddity. Angel really rocked the stage (great arrangements). BOAG did its twisted part as usual, this is not a good DM song but added fresh air. Soft Touch- Raw Nerve fantastic fantastic… Not sure if Soothe will be on my faves list.
    Why can’t we watch this show again????? (not available in South America, Europe… more to add?)

  10. i never post on these things but i am so tired…i personally love the new stuff and want to say: 1) it was a free 45 min concert so if u didnt like it stop watching n dont post 2) DM are human beings … the DM u hear now IS DM….this is who they are as people, these are the songs that are in them as men in 2013….so sick of posts of no Alan and wrong sound etc…if u like older albums, listen to them…stop expecting people to create just for u… this is DM in 2013 and i for one as a fan since 1996 am so glad that they are still here and arent afraid to do what they want to do….in Denver and will be going to Chicago to see them cuz the old and the new are awesome. MARTIN!

  11. I usually don’t respond but everyone is entitled to their own opinion even if they’re wrong. Personally, I’m a huge DM fan but I can admit to myself and my own taste that…

    1) I can’t stand a majority of the Vince Clarke era (cheese! like early Beatles IMO action doesn’t really kick for me in till Matin takes over songwriting and Alan eventually joins)

    2) I don’t even like the lame titles for “Sounds Of The Universe” and “Delta Machine”

    3) Got every album, deluxe edition, SACD 5.1, DVD, Vinyl and BluRay, tattoo, seen them every tour since SOFAD but no tshirt… and the set list has been the same since ’98 SIngles tour (with the odd exception Fly On The Windscreen, Rush, Everything Counts, I Want You Now, A Question Of Lust, It Doesn’t Matter Two, Goodnight Lovers, Master And Servant
    Black Celebration, Leave In Silence, Photographic)
    BEST TOURS IMO – Devotional/Exoitc Summer, Exciter tour, Touring The Angel

    4) Album, live album… album, live album… how many live version do I really want of Never Let Me Down, Enjoy The Silence, Personal Jesus, A Question Of Time, Walking In My Shoes, Behind The Wheel, Stripped, In Your Room, I Feel You?

    5) I wanna hear reworked versions of tunes like Puppets, Nodisco, The Sun & The Rainfall, ANYTHING from Some Great Reward (why not encore with People Are People for a change? I know Martin can’t appreciate the simplicity in the message but seriously, it’s simplicity at its best), Love In Itself, Two Minute Warning, Useless, Freestate, The Bottom Line, Insight, Only When I Lose Myself, Surrender, I Feel Loved, Comatose as a rocker! A Pain That I’m Used To, Suffer Well, Nothing’s Impossible, Peace, Light, Come Back (arranged like a harder Bare version!), Ghost, Oh Well, The Darkest Star, Martyr

    … all that being said, I like Dave’s aging voice. I also love Martin’s acoustic/bare portions of the set! With the addition of Peter Gordeno, Christian Eigner DM are amazing! Just get Wilder back into the mix, even producing. That’s the only way you’re gonna get a DM album that’s between Violator and SOFAD. BTW His interpretation of “In Chains” was WILD and showed possibilities!
    Then again, I’m a DM fan who absolutely loves Ultra and Exciter! Basically every album from A Broken Frame to SOTU.


  12. Dave Gahan looks shitfaced. I like a couple of DM songs but the new stuff sounds interesting

  13. “I may just save my money for The Cure at Lollapalooza”

    Why? Its just Robert Smith doing another lap of honour with nothing new. The Cure are a spent force, fuck em.

    Should Be Higher has grown on me an awful lot, cant wait to hear the album version. DM rule.

  14. One thing to remember about Depeche Mode setlists; they rarely, if ever, go outside the box.

    ‘Barrel of a Gun’ was different, hasn’t been played since ’98, but eh it’s not a great song.

    DM are cowards when it comes to their setlists; greatest hits and new songs and that’s it.

  15. Your obviously not much of a DM fan if you think Barrel of a gun isnt a good song. Its the track that actually got me into them back in ’97.
    Your full of shit, DM do actually play a lot of album tracks (it doesnt matter too, fly on the windscreen, insight) even bsides sometimes (surrender on the last tour), but unlike fat blob smith, they dont go over curfew and actually care whether the fans make the last train/bus home!

  16. I dont know, so much negativity for the new stuff, Ive beena huge fan since ’83 and although some of the albums have been as strong as others, they always offer something a bit different and I have to say I absolutely love all of the new songs they played here, the nasty analogue sounds and tweaks ar brilliant, I for one am really ookig forward to the new album !

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