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Andy Gill debuts new song, album plans as Gang of Four moves on without Jon King

Gang of Four circa 2013

British post-punk legends Gang of Four today premiered a brand-new song and a brand-new lineup, with vocalist John “Gaoler” taking the place of founding member Jon King, who had participated in the group’s mid-2000s reunion and 2011 studio album Content. Below, you can stream the new song “Broken Talk,” which debuted today on Pitchfork.

According to the Go4 website, the song was written by Andy Gill — the band’s sole original member — in his London studio and in China, and it’s the first track to emerge both from a new, as-yet-untitled EP due this spring and a forthcoming new studio album that will find Gill “working with several singers and musicians, both new and established.”

Singer John “Gaoler” has been working with Go4 “for over a year now, both on stage and in the studio,” according to the band. It’s unclear when or why King left the band; original members Dave Allen and Hugo Burnham, who also initially reunited with Go4 in 2004, left in 2006.

Gang of Four plans to premiere “Broken Talk” and other new material during concerts in China and Japan next week (see dates below). The band also has recorded a Chinese language version of the new song featuring vocals by Lu Di from AV Okubo and Hua Dong from Rebuilding the Rights of Statues.


Stream: Gang of Four, “Broken Talk”



Gang of Four tour dates:

March 20: Yugong Yishan, Beijing, China
March 21: Mao Livehouse, Shanghai, China
March 23: Shimokitazawa Garden, Tokyo, Japan
March 24: Shimokitazawa Garden, Tokyo, Japan






  1. “Gang Of Four” with only one original member? Is this a joke?

  2. Yeah, I’ll go for the obvious knee-slapper here… will they be called “Gang of One”?

    • *Laughter*. Or maybe even take it a step further and call them Gang of Done.

      Some of these “punk” reunions and operations have become wretched. Maybe Andy Gill could bail from Gang of One, and the three remaining individuals could link up with the latest Dead Kennedys vocalist. That band could call itself Dead Gang.

      It’s sad to see Jon King go. I know that no one person makes a band, but he was a special presence with his moves and mannerisms. As much as I love pre-2013 Gang of Four in many ways, perhaps they should have closed shop mucho moons ago.

  3. They should just stick a cork in this and call it a day. Unlike Wire’s Red Barked Tree, OMD’s History Of Modern or The Fixx’s Beautiful Friction, Content was not a return to greatness in my opinion. The last good music this band released was the Another Day/Another Dollar EP right after Solid Gold. Just my opinion of course.

    • I think “Songs of the Free” was a great post-“Another Day” record, but I agree with you as to the band’s authenticity problem when it’s down to one original member. Change the band name, at least. Andy Gill is turning into post-punk’s Ray Manzarek.

      • Songs of the Free is great. Especially all its lyrical juxtapositions. Brilliant and engaging stuff. I also think that Shrinkwrapped, sans two sucky numbers, is very good. I love The Dark Ride!

  4. Scott Stalcup

    “We Live As We Dream, Alone” just took on a WHOLE new meaning for Andy. Never thought Gang of Four would become post-punk’s Lynyrd Skynyrd.

  5. PhilthyPhil

    I hate it when bands break up but having been in 2 bands myself I know why it happens! We wish we could stop time when we’re in our teens & our favourite bands are the soundtrack to our lives while we fall in love etc. I still miss the Ramones gigs, Magazine etc but I’m so glad they were there with me :-)

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