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Ian McCulloch unveils ‘Holy Ghosts’ 2CD set with studio album, live orchestral reworkings

Ian McCulloch, 'Holy Ghosts'

Echo & The Bunnymen frontman Ian McCulloch next month will release a new 2CD set called Holy Ghosts that combines the fan-funded studio album Pro Patria Mori he released in limited quantities last year with an unreleased 15-track live set of “orchestral reworkings” of solo tracks and Bunnymen classics recorded last May at London’s Union Chapel.

Due out April 15 on Demon Music Group’s Edsel imprint, the first disc of the new set features the Union Chapel set, which was mixed and produced by Killing Joke’s Youth, and features tracks such as “Lips Like Sugar,” “Candleland,” “Rescue” and “The Killing Moon.” Below, check out the full tracklist — and stream the live orchestral version of “Bring on the Dancing Horses.”

The second disc features the 10-track Pro Patria Mori, which McCulloch released last year to fans who helped fund it via a Pledge Music campaign. At the time of recording, McCulloch wrote: “I feel it’s the same magic in the air as I felt when recording ‘The Killing Moon’ and ‘Nothing Lasts Forever,’ amongst others.”

Pro Patria Mori is McCulloch’s first solo album since 2003′s Slideling and his fourth overall.

Below, you also can check out a short video of McCulloch discussing the upcoming project with typical self-grandeur (“It contains some of the best songs ever written. In the history of time.”)

PRE-ORDER: Ian McCulloch, Holy Ghosts


Stream: Ian McCulloch, “Bring On The Dancing Horses” (Orchestral Rework)



Video: Ian McCulloch discusses new Holy Ghosts 2CD release


Tracklist: Ian McCulloch, Holy Ghosts

CD 1: Orchestral Reworkings from Union Chapel
1. “Bring On The Dancing Horses”
2. “Rescue”
3. “Idolness of Gods”
4. “Bedbugs and Ballyhoo”
5. “Pro Patria Mori”
6. “Angels and Devils”
7. “Nothing Lasts Forever”
8. “Arthur”
9. “Candleland”
10. “Killing Moon”
11. “All My Colours (Zimbo)”
12. “Watch Me Land”
13. “The Fountain”
14. “Somewhere In My Dreams”
15. “Lips Like Sugar”

CD 2: Pro Patria Mori
1. “Different Trees”
2. “Empty As A House”
3. “Lift Me Up”
4. “Pro Patria Mori”
5. “Raindrop On The Sun”
6. “Fiery Flame”
7. “The Party’s Over”
8. “Watch Me Land”
9. “Me And David Bowie”
10. “Somewhere In My Dreams”






  1. Could benefit from subtitles in the video to understand Ian.

  2. As soon as I figure out if amazon uk delivers to US, I’m ordering.

  3. No OCEAN RAIN???

  4. Andrew Boe

    I am skeptical. I love The Bunnymen, but The Fountain was poppy and forgettable in every way and Ian’s last solo record was not good. Also, why does he continue to boast about “Nothing Lasts Forever?” That song is so sub-par and isn’t even close to being one of the best on Evergreen. Frankly, I think that it is mediocre.

  5. Thanks for sharing, Andrew. Now, please, hand in your lop-ears and walk away, off that short pier.

  6. Pro Patria Mori is one of my all-time favorite albums. And, I am not a rabid ETB fan either.

  7. Love Ian’s work but he is unfortunately starting to sound the like the post-punk Keith Richards. You need a decoder ring to figure out what he is saying.

    Imagine him, Keith and Ozzy in the same room talking to each other. Would they be the only people who would understand what they were saying to each other or would they be just as clueless what the other guy was saying?

    Someone needs to make this happen for science if not entertainment value.

  8. Can You Hear Me Now?

    I understand him. And I love his whiskey soaked voice.

  9. Listened to the Bunnymen orchestral songs, and Ian’s voice is shot from the very beginning. Not a good vocal night for him, so why release it?

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