Video — March 13, 2013 at 6:00 am

Video: OMD, ‘Metroland’ — plus hear 3 remixes of ‘English Electric’ lead single

Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark today premiered the video for “Metroland,” the first official single off the band’s upcoming album English Electric, and it’s in animated clip in a similar vein to the pair of teaser clips the band released in the lead-up to the actual single. You can watch that video above (via Rolling Stone), plus, check out three new remixes of the track below.

The “Metroland” single is out March 25, ahead of the April 9 release of the full album.


Stream: OMD, “Metroland” (Manhattan Clique Remix)


Stream: OMD, “Metroland” (Jonteknik Remix)


Stream: OMD, “Metroland” (Roger Erickson Remix)






  1. All great remixes, all are good in their way but love that Erickson mix, a little synth pop a little industrial gives the tack some umph

  2. All are great remixes but I love the Erickson mix, a little bit synthpop a little bit industrial, adds some “umph” to the track.

  3. Richard Rider

    The Jonteknik remix evokes images of Kraftwerk, just as the original track itself does, yet it keeps it fresh and exciting. And I agree, Roger Erickson’s mix is simply brilliant. I hope to hear more of what these mixers have done. Those are my two favorite mixes. The Manhattan Clique mix is good, but pales in comparison to the other two mixes. So refreshing to hear this style of music come back into fashion. It’s been sorely missed.

    • “So refreshing to hear this style of music come back into fashion. It’s been sorely missed.”

      I couldn’t agree more Richard.

  4. Why haven’t I heard this song on the radio? This sounds stronger than a lot of what’s new that’s being played on a loop. It does sound a little connectable to their 1980s classics, esp. “If You Leave”. And, Andy McCluskey’s voice sounds just about as strong as it did 30 years ago. Thank God some of the great elements of the ’80s are making their rightful return in during the near musical waste land that is the 21st Century.

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