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Pet Shop Boys to release new album ‘Electric’ in June — watch club-ready video preview

Pet Shop Boys circa 2012

Having just released their 11th album Elysium six months ago, the Pet Shop Boys surprised fans this morning by announcing they already have another new studio album ready to go, and that they’ll release the record — titled Electric — this June via Kobalt Label Services, ending the synthpop duo’s 28-year relationship with Parlophone Records.

Not much is yet known about Electric, other than the fact that it’s produced by longtime Madonna collaborator Stuart Price — and, judging from the 44-second promo video released by the group (which you can see below), it’s a far more dancefloor-friendly affair than the relatively downbeat Elysium.

In a statement posted to the band’s website, Neil Tennant and Chris Lowe said:

“We are hugely proud of the new album and are very pleased to be working in conjunction with Kobalt. We’d like to thank everyone we’ve worked with at Parlophone over the last 28 years both in the UK and abroad. When we signed to the label in 1985 we had no idea how long and successful a relationship we were embarking on. However it is also exciting now to commence a new phase working with a new team in a new business structure and we look forward to a creative and equally fulfilling relationship with Kobalt.”

Kobalt’s first international release was Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds’ just-released Push the Sky Away.

The Pet Shop Boys promise “further information about the album will be announced soon.”







  1. Wow this is a surprise. It seemed like the last relase the Pet Shop Boys had felt like a came to the party and then left after five minutes. Not that I did not like the last CD, but I always welcome a new Pet Shop Boys CD.

  2. The teaser track sounds like an 80’s Patrick Cowley track! Very camp indeed. If this Is an indication of the new album then it could be quite good!

  3. To be fair, Elysium wasn’t bad at all, should be good.

  4. Stunned. Isn’t their new tour called ELECTRIC? Seems this has been in the works for a bit…

  5. Chris Lowe looks like he should be in Front 242

  6. Parlophone was sold to Warner Brothers earlier this year with the deal to close this summer.

    See info:

  7. “Chris Lowe looks like he should be in Front 242”

    Or my oven. ;)

  8. I hope the new label allows for as many singles/remix releases as Parlaphone. PSB fans are lucky to get so many, regardless of whether or not we end up liking them. I was really disappointed Duran’s new album had only one single release and no remixes.

  9. 0:14 – 0:17 is fairly epic. Sounds like Geogio Moroder at his best.

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