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Video: New Order play ‘Perfect Kiss,’ ‘Crystal’ at Coachella — via official webcast

As we wait for a capture of the full webcast of New Order’s Saturday night set at Coachella to surface — hint, hint — we can offer a couple clips from the official broadcast as a way to tide fans over: the frog-assisted “Perfect Kiss,” posted above and courtesy the festival itself, as well as latter-day rocker “Crystal, which we’ve included below.


Setlist: New Order, Coachella Valley Music & Arts Festival, Indio, Calif., 4/13/13

1. “Elegia”
2. “Crystal”
3. “Regret”
4. “Ceremony”
5. “Isolation”
6. “Bizarre Love Triangle”
7. “True Faith”
8. “5 8 6”
9. “The Perfect Kiss”
10. “Blue Monday”
11. “Temptation”
12. “Atmosphere”
13. “Transmission”
14. “Love Will Tear Us Apart”


New Order, “Crystal”






  1. I watched the full webcast and I have to say it was pretty terrible. And I’m a big fan of New Order.

  2. I agree. I’m a big NO fan, since 1985, and saw them in Oakland a few months ago, and it was bad bad bad.

    Sumner just doesn’t give a shit, and it shows.

  3. I never really cared for the song Perfect Kiss but they took it to a whole new level of bad in that performance.

  4. NO have always sucked live unless! Strongest link is Stephen.
    JD live is another story… amazing!

  5. I’ve seen them several times and they are never as good live as they are in your headphones. Cheers to them for getting out there and touring again!

  6. yeah this was shit. However the show in Chicago last October was good.

  7. they aint good at all hooky was great and they deco aint no joy division

  8. of course you think the set was shit because you were sitting on your ass in front of the computer….having been at this show I can tell you for a fact that it was fucking great! the band were having a blast and the audience were dancing and singing along to every song…p.s FUCK PETER HOOK

  9. does frog assisted equal lip syncing? because it sure looked like lip syncing in “Perfect Kiss”

  10. I was at this show too and it was awesome! problem with webcast is that you expect it to sound like a digital recording. Rock and Rock is always abut the performance and this didn’t let us down at all!

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