Anniversary, Reissues, Tour Dates — April 29, 2013 at 7:00 am

The Primitives to reissue debut album ‘Lovely’ as 2CD set, play 25th anniversary gigs

The Primitives

The Primitives will follow up their recently released collection of early singles, demos and live tracks with an expanded double-disc reissue of 1988 debut album Lovely, which then will be followed this September by six concerts across the U.K. dedicated to celebrating the 25th anniversary of that album’s release.

Cherry Red Records, which also released Everything’s Shining Bright: The Lazy Recordings 1985-1987, will issue the expanded edition of Lovely on June 10 in the U.K.

The reissue features the original 14-track album on one disc, and 11 bonus tracks on another, including the single “Way Behind Me” that was later shoehorned onto Lovely, plus single mixes, alternate takes and live cuts — plus the original 1985 demo for signature tune “Crash” (see full tracklist below).

In September, the band — which also is headlining the Scared to Get Happy release concert — will play six U.K. shows celebrating the 25th anniversary of Lovely, culminating with a London show featuring a guest DJ appearance by Mike Joyce of The Smiths (see full dates below).


Tracklist: The Primitives, Lovely: 25th Anniversary Edition

CD 1: Lovely
1. “Crash”
2. “Spacehead”
3. “Carry Me Home”
4. “Shadow”
5. “Thru The Flowers”
6. “Dreamwalk Baby”
7. “I’ll Stick With You”
8. “Nothing Left”
9. “Stop Killing Me”
10. “Out Of Reach”
11. “Ocean Blue”
12. “Run Baby Run”
13. “Don’t Want Anything To Change”
14. “Buzz Buzz Buzz”

CD 2: Bonus tracks
1. “Way Behind Me”
2. “Crash” (1985 Demo)
3. “All The Way Down”
4. “I’ll Stick With You” (Single Version)
5. “Things Get In Your Way”
6. “Out Of Reach” (Single Version)
7. “Way Behind Me” (Acoustic Version)
8. “All The Way Down” (Beat Version)
9. “Crash (Again And Again)”
10. “Dreamwalk Baby” (Live)
11. “Really Stupid” (Live)


The Primitives tour dates:

May 17: El Festival Do Norte 2013, Fexdega, Arousa, Spain
May 18: Erandio, Spain
May 19: Burgos, Spain
June 21: Bedford Esquires, Bedford, UK
June 22: Scared To Get Happy London, UK
June 23: Erics Club, Liverpool, UK
Aug. 3: Rhondda Rocks 2013, The Factory, Porth, UK
Sept. 21: Bath Moles Club, Bath, UK (Lovely 25th Anniversary)
Sept. 24: Sound Control, Manchester, UK (Lovely 25th Anniversary)
Sept. 25: Brudenell Social Club, Leeds, UK (Lovely 25th Anniversary)
Sept. 26: Slade Rooms, Wolverhampton, UK (Lovely 25th Anniversary)
Sept. 27: Chinnerys, Southend-on-Sea, UK (Lovely 25th Anniversary)
Sept. 28: 100 Club, London, UK (Lovely 25th Anniversary)






  1. Such a great album, one of my all time faves!
    Catchy power pop don’t get much better!

  2. Nice, I wish they’s come tour the US……

  3. Will this be issued in the U.S.? Damn I feel old just seeing the headline. Classic album, though.

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