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Listen to a robot read Morrissey’s Wikipedia entry out loud — for a full hour

Morrissey Wikipedia entry

Because it’s increasingly true that you can indeed find anything on the Internet, here’s a brand-new way for Morrissey fans to kill an hour: by listening to a robot recite the former Smiths frontman’s full Wikipedia entry out loud over the course of 59 minutes and 54 seconds.

Yes, this is obviously a tool to help bring Wikipedia to those who can’t see or read — it’s part of a huge series of such videos posted to YouTube by wikispeak10 — but there’s just something oddly wonderful about hearing a disembodied, computer-assembled voice telling you about that time Moz “took up boxing and was accompanied everywhere by a skinhead named Jake.”

Check it out below (via Somedizzywhore):







  1. “Morrissey… Stephen Patrick Morrissey… known as Morrissey…” … got to 0.06 seconds before stopping the video with an overwhelming urge to kill myself. Good luck to those who make it through the hour alive!

  2. I’m going to “take up boxing and be accompanied everywhere by a skinhead named Jake…”

  3. No Moz, no Moz (No Mas, No Mas)!!! I got to 2:00 into the reading and couldn’t take it anymore!!!

  4. I got to 52 minutes and had enough.

  5. I find this oddly comforting. Maybe that’s just proof that I listen to far too much NPR.

  6. Are you sure it’s a robot & not Keanu Reeves..or Paul Walker..or that douchebag from Avatar

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