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Killing Joke’s Paul Ferguson sidelined by tendonitis from ‘restoring ancient sculptures’

Killing Joke

The reunited original lineup of Killing Joke is due to start a tour of Australia and New Zealand this week, but will be down a man: Drummer Paul Ferguson today announced he’s sitting out the six-date trek due to acute tendonitis, not from drumming, but, rather, from hours of “concentrated scalpel use whilst restoring ancient sculptures.”

The rest of the band — Jaz Coleman, Kevin “Geordie” Walker and Martin “Youth” Glover, plus keyboardist Reza Udhin — will be joined by Axewound drummer Jason Bowld for the dates in Australia and New Zealand, which begin Thursday in Brisbane and wrap up June 14 in Wellington.

Read Ferguson’s full announcement:


Dear Friends and Gatherers,

I am extremely disappointed to have to announce that I am unable to participate in the upcoming Australia/New Zealand Killing Joke tour.

I’ve been suffering from an increasingly acute tendonitis, no doubt brought on by hours on concentrated scalpel use whilst restoring ancient sculptures. Nothing to do with my using the wrong end of heavy drum sticks, nor twisting my arm drilling granite, swinging a hammer and chisel, nor my years of blacksmithing! Anyway, right now I can barely hold a cup of tea. Raising my arm or reaching causes pain and I have little grip; I’ve dropped more than just the beat recently. So per doctor’s orders, all such activities must cease until, with therapy, my arm recovers.

My sincere apologies to all.

I’m grateful to Jason Bowld for stepping in for me.

I’ve been thoroughly enjoying being back with Jaz, Geordie and Youth and Reza’s great to have around. The shows have been tremendous and I look forward, upon my recovery, to making a new album and another chance to visit you all in the Antipodes.

Thanks for your support and, I hope, your understanding.

Paul – NYC.


Killing Joke tour dates:

June 6: Hi Fi, Brisbane, Australia
June 7: Billboard, Melbourne, Australia
June 8: Metro Theatre, Sydney, Australia
June 9: Rosemount, Perth, Australia
June 13: The Studio, Auckland, NZ
June 14: Bodega, Wellington, NZ






  1. nwilhelmy

    Paul wasn’t behind the kit when Killing Joke played Seattle last month, either, though I don’t know why. They had some younger, smiley guy instead. He was a competent enough drummer, but it sort of distracts from the KJ mood when one of the band members is grinning ear to ear the entire time.

  2. AlmostRed

    That was the same Jason Bowld. He played the North American dates between Toronto and Seattle, including all three in Chicago. Agreed about the grinning.

    • nwilhelmy

      It’s funny, both times I’ve seen the “original lineup” of Killing Joke, one member has been missing. Youth wasn’t onstage in 2010 (I think their bass tech took his place due to a family emergency), and Paul was missing in 2013.

  3. I’m set to see them in Melbourne and Auckland but I’ve given up on ever seeing the original lineup…I’ve seen them with Martin Atkins on drums, Raven and 3 of the 4 originals but it’s Big Paul that is the oil that gives them their primal beat…one day then…

  4. The drum tech was OK, didn’t have the intensity behind “The Wait” when I saw them in Chicago in April

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