TV, Video — June 5, 2013 at 8:19 am

Video: Johnny Marr plays ‘Bigmouth Strikes Again,’ ‘Right Thing Right’ on Jools Holland

Johnny Marr on Jools Holland

With a handful of U.K. concert appearances coming up this month — including a support slot with The Stone Roses in London and an appearance at Glastonbury — Johnny Marr stopped by BBC Two’s “Later… With Jools Holland” this week, with the program last night airing a pair of tunes (“The Right Thing Right” off The Messenger and The Smiths’ “Bigmouth Strikes Again”).

You can watch both below, and, on Friday, BBC Two will air an extended version of Marr’s set.


Johnny Marr, “The Right Thing Right”


Johnny Marr, “Bigmouth Strikes Again”






  1. His new solo CD is really great, I wish people would give it a chance instead of continually foaming at the mouth for the Smiths to reform. He has just as much right to sing Smiths songs as Moz does… sure his voice isn’t as great as Moz’s, but that guitar playing is simply magical!

  2. Solo disc is amazing and I would rather hear him sing than Moz. Much less extraneous stuff to deal with!

  3. that was great JM is the best.

  4. couldn’t agree more with all the comments above! ;)

  5. Much better vocals than on HSIN, I think. More in the same range as the original

  6. Que pendejadas!! Jajaja
    Karaoke much?! JM is lucky to have such fans like these, albeit “Marred” with deafness

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