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The Cult’s ‘Electric Peace’ reissue due out next month in 2CD, double-vinyl releases

The Cult, 'Electric Peace'

As we reported last month, The Cult is reissuing its third album Electric in an expanded set paired with Peace the aborted Love follow-up the band abandoned in favor of the Rick Rubin-produced hard-rock album — and Beggars Archive has now confirmed that the release, titled, naturally, Electric Peace, is now due out in the U.S. and U.K. next month.

Although the band’s website indicates Electric Peace will arrive in the U.S. on July 30, is showing release dates of July 16 for both the CD and vinyl editions. The album featuring Peace tracks that have been released over the years on the Manor Sessions EP, as Electric B-sides and on 2000′s Rare Cult  is due out July 29 in the U.K.

See final tracklist below.

In conjunction with the reissue, The Cult is embarking on a lengthy tour dubbed “Electric 13” that will find the band performing 1987’s Electric in the U.S. and U.K (see full dates).


Tracklist: The Cult, Electric Peace

CD 1: Electric
1. “Wild Flower”
2. “Peace Dog”
3. “Lil’ Devil”
4. “Aphrodisiac Jacket”
5. “Electric Ocean”
6. “Bad Fun”
7. “King Contrary Man”
8. “Love Removal Machine”
9. “Born To Be Wild”
10. “Outlaw”
11. “Memphis Hip Shake”

CD 2: Peace
1. “Love Removal Machine”
2. “Wild Flower”
3. “Peace Dog”
4. “Aphrodisiac Jacket”
5. “Electric Ocean”
6. “Bad Fun”
7. “Conquistador”
8. “Zap City”
9. “Love Trooper”
10. “Outlaw”
11. “Groove Co.”






  1. I’ve always thought “Electric” was a terrible record precisely because of the Rick Rubin production. Anyone know, do the “Peace” sessions (produced earlier by Steve Brown) sound closer to “Love”?

    • Yes. If you’ve never heard the “Peace” songs before in their various releases (Manor Sessions, Box Set)you’re in for a treat. Most have the same swirly slightly psych sound that “Love” has.

      I myself prefer Rubin’s “Electric”, but do enjoy hearing the songs in the “Love” context.

    • Yes they do. with all the guitars soaked in flangers and chorus pedals. Because of that, the material doesn’t work as they did on Electric.

      • Thanks! I will check those earlier sessions out. “Love” was epic for me in those days. Think I’ll listen to it right now…

    • are you out of your mind? electric is a classic and a masterpiece.

  2. I’ll be buying this….but I sure wish “Wolfchild Blues” was on here. I need to know if that track is available ANYWHERE.

  3. “Conquistador” and “Groove Co.” are spectacular favorites of mine…

  4. I wouldn’t say it sounds more like love, it’s just a more melodic version of electric. And zap city is one of their best songs they ever recorded.

  5. Looking forward to hearing Peace, but…

    Whats up with the awful new artwork?
    Electric’s original artwork/cover is Classic!

    • Couldn’t agree more 5D…whilst I thought the Electric artwork was a bit “metal”, it is certainly a million times better than that stupid plane.

  6. B-52 baby way up in the sky, come droppin your lovin on me child. “Peace Dog” lyrics might have something to do with the artwork.

    We could photo shop some bullets and cow skulls in there for y’all to give that Southwestern Americana feel for the hardcore fans.

    Hope to see them again. Seen them five times. They got their craft down on stage from the get go. Just naturally good live.

    Sonic Temple/Ceremony tour next? Didn’t see it but certain people say Ceremonial Stomp Tour was their peak live. 94/95 tour was good though.

  7. The “new” artwork is just a cardboard jewel-case cover sleeve. The original Electric artwork booklet is inside the cd case. Ian wanted to show the original “Peace” artwork for the re-release.

  8. I’d totally pick this up but I bought the Rare Cult box set in 2000 and I think there’s nothing on here that wasn’t included on that collection. I enjoy the ‘Peace’ stuff but Rubin was the right choice to give it a fresh spin and reposition them for an American audience. In the end I can’t really choose between ‘Love’ and ‘Electric.’ They’re both pretty damn perfect.

    And as for my favorite song off the ‘Peace’ session, I love ‘Love Trooper.’ That could’ve been a big hit for them.

  9. the second disc here of the Manor Sessions etc. are some of the best tracks the Cult ever wrote and recorded…. takes me back

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