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Curt Smith preps new album ‘Deceptively Heavy’ as Tears For Fears return to the studio

Curt Smith

Tears For Fears co-founder Curt Smith this week announced the impending release of Deceptively Heavy, his fourth solo album, and first in five years, as he prepares to return to the studio next week with Roland Orzabal to work on what could become the follow-up to their band’s 2004 reunion album Everybody Loves a Happy Ending.

Smith will release the 11-track Deceptively Heavy digitally worldwide on July 16 (see artwork and full tracklist below), with a physical release through “a couple weeks later.”

The album is Smith’s first since 2008’s Halfway, Pleased.

As for Tears For Fears, Smith this week revealed on Twitter that the band will enter the studio next Monday to begin recording. It’s not yet known exactly what the band is planning, but, earlier this year, TFF revamped its official website to mark the 30th anniversary of debut album The Hurting.

The site proclaims:

“Thanks for an amazing 30 years. This year is going to be a big one. Get ready!
— Curt & Roland”


Curt Smith, 'Deceptively Heavy'

Tracklist: Curt Smith, Deceptively Heavy

1. “Beautiful Failure”
2. “Suffer”
3. “Hold It Together”
4. “My Point”
5. “All Is Love”
6. “Porn Star”
7. “Well Enough”
8. “Heaven’s Sake”
9. “Wild”
10. “Mannequin”
11. “Some Secrets”






  1. Look in’ forward to this, his solo work is hit or miss with me but I always enjoy much of the material. The real story here is TFF going back to the studio, if the results are half as good as Happy Ending I’ll be a happy camper…

    • I also feel the same. I was apprehensive about ELAHE, but damn what an album! I can’t imagine being without it. Roland’s Tomcats Screaming Outside is also amazing.

  2. I agree, Charles, about a new TFF album being the real big news here. I really think that their tours in South America (esp. Manila) over the last 2 years really inspired them to go back into the studio again and create new music. I’m really hoping that they go “back in time” and record an album that harkens back to their synth-Pop/acoustic/New Wave/Alt. Rock heyday, along w/ a strong reach into the present and experimental future. I’d love it if they worked w/ the same band they worked w/ in 83-86 (esp. Manny Elias and Ian Stanley, though that’s rather unlikely), cause I think that was when they sounded the best as a group.

  3. Wait. What!? TFF together again. Go on already! Fantastic!


  5. “Songs from the Big Chair” always reminds me of the most annoying girlfriend I ever had, but I still love it. Her taste in music was otherwise awful — “Big Chair” was the one good cassette tape she had!

  6. “Songs From The Big Chair” is a great album but I don’t think it’s their best work – but arguably their most influential.

    T4F’s last studio release, “Everybody Loves A Happy Ending” was a wonderful surprise ~ as were the miscellaneous studio tracks from that period. Charlton Pettus is an excellent addition to the T4F family. Curt Smith’s last album “Halfway, Pleased” was his best one yet – and with big thanks to Pettus.
    T4F’s recent live shows since 2004 have been lots of fun for both the band and the audience (T4F mania in Manila! A music journalist once commented that their massive popularity in the Philippines may also be due to the popularity of karaoke with hits from “Songs From The Big Chair”).

    Either way, a new Curt Smith album is good news.
    T4F hitting the studio is GREAT news!
    Thanks for an amazing 30 years. I hope this year is going to be a big one. I’m ready!

  7. I’ve always felt that Songs From The Big Chair (1985) is for TFF what Rumours (1977) is for Fleetwood Mac: The album that affords them a career in 2013. People still go back to that album, even if there were, perhaps, more creative/artistically-progressive albums afterwards. People’s ears will sill go up whenever the classics from that LP are played on the radio, and the “Where are they now?”/”What are the up to these days?” questions start after hearing them. The constant receipts from that best-selling album still enable Curt and Roland to make new music and tour their powerful discography up to the present, and into the future. Good luck, gentleman. I’m looking forward to what “new classics” you will create in 2014.

    P.S. I hope we get to hear some of Curt’s new material on the radio waves…or, is that asking too much?

  8. Curt is one of those rare guys who looks sexier now than he did in the day, and he wasn’t bad looking then.

    • Was thinking the same thing, eggy. Love seeing 50-something guys like Curt, Steve Kilbey, and Nick Seymour looking as great as ever, in absolutely rude health, and still at the top of their game with the tunes. Ian Brown, Richard Butler, David Bowie (66?! Insane!), and Johnny Marr (a youngster at 49!) all look great, too. Proof that these guys not only still care about the music but appearance, presentation, longevity, and more! And definitely a nice change from recent Moz and Peter Murphy photos/news, Barney clips (sorry–I know you’re a fan!), etc.

      Curt, please share your secrets with those last few guys and some of the rest of us! :)

      • Was also just thinking how Curt, Steve, and Nick are all bassists. Coincidence or more?! Come to think of it, John Taylor and Tommy Stinson are both still looking pretty tasty, too. And Sting…well, I don’t think Sting needs anyone else to remind him that he has always looked pretty good.

  9. I saw TFF in concert last summer and they sounded better than ever. They had a great band with them and the vocals were spot on. They even did the Gary Jules version of Mad World and Curt joked about it as they played their version later in the set. I’ve enjoyed all their releases even without Curt. I too agree, Songs in the Big Chair was their Rumours but The Hurting is still my favorite overall. TFF fans rejoice!!!

  10. This is fantastic news that TFF are back writing and recording new material. I saw the band in the early 80’s in the Studios in Bristol (I think) and they were fab – hope they tour!

  11. lisa Edwards

    I want to vote for skinyard. Halloweed. Grounds

  12. dewey moore

    Studio tour hollywood bowl live orc,heaven god bless me please…Tff true f fan

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