Reunions, Video — July 7, 2013 at 11:15 pm

Electronic reunion: Bernard Sumner joins Johnny Marr to play ‘Getting Away With It’


Photo via Live from Jodrell Bank

After missed opportunities at a pair of U.S. shows booked around Coachella this past April, it finally happened: Bernard Sumner joined Johnny Marr on stage in England tonight for a one-song Electronic reunion as the duo performed their 1989 single “Getting Away With It”  during the ex-Smiths guitarist’s slot opening for New Order.

The reunion took place earlier today at the New Order-cured Live From Jordell Bank: Transmission event in the shadow of the University of Manchester’s Lovell Telescope near Cheshire, England.

Below, check out the first audience video to surface of today’s performance of “Getting Away With It” — a track that also featured Neil Tennant of Pet Shop Boys on backing vocals, and which later appeared on Electronic’s 1991 self-titled debut — via uploader Gaynor Tension.

UPDATE 7/8/13: We’ve added better video via polewka123.


Electronic, “Getting Away With It,” 7/7/13






  1. Squee!!! It’s like the family reunion I’ve always wanted

  2. As cool as it could have been, that sounded pretty awful.

  3. Good lord that was bad.

  4. Yes, it’s shocking how bad it sounds, you know, considering it was recorded on a cell phone 200 meters from the stage. I’ll never listen to Electronic again!

    • Nah, I think the vocals were recorded accurately, which makes all the “awful” and “bad” comments above equally accurate.

      • Because you were there, Mikey–and you know it sucked? Maybe it did–I dunno, I do know that recording several hundred meters on an iPhone or whatever ain’t telling you anything, mate. If you hate, hate. I take it from your comment ‘n most the one on this site, that your all like 23 and perfect to the universe. Get ready. You’ll be puffy and 50 soon enough. Plus, Jesus–this is the singer from New Order, not Placido Domingo. Let’s hear from someone who was there–and is upset,

    • Bernard would be the first to admit that he’s no singer. from the first set New Order set I ever saw to the ‘reunion’ at Coachella his voice is consistently bad.

  5. And yet, this is still one of my all time favorite songs…the kind that just grabs your present and shakes you into the pretty, pretty past.

    I’ll always love this tune, regardless of Bernard’s wreck of a sound here :). I’ve always adored his voice, from when I was a grade schooler and heard New Order for the first time. Twenty years gone, and I still love him!

  6. Why must Bernie yell “C’mon” in that awful scream-voice in so many live performances?

  7. Oh, an Electronic reunion! Sorry, I kept thinking people were talking about a CHiPs reunion. Thought I kept hearing “Jon and Ponch,” but they were really saying “Johnny and Paunch.” Got it now. But c’mon, guys–that’s mean!

    Yeah, this performance is a let down, but love the original studio version (“Neil!!!”), even though it’s always reminded me of that Tootsie Roll song. And “Get the Message” is even better!

  8. Bernard sounds bored…crap

  9. Lotus…lol…so true

  10. I love my Electronic cds, i miss those guys working together!.

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