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Felled by penne pasta, Morrissey admits ‘humiliation and mortification’ over South American tour


Three days after he was supposed to launch a closely scrutinized South American tour in Peru, Morrissey late Friday finally addressed the “corrosively toxic food poisoning” that put the whole trek in jeopardy, issuing a statement in which he apologized to fans and announced he will be ready to perform when the tour resumes in Argentina in two weeks.

The statement, posted to fansite True To You, came late in the the same day the Chilean concert promoter that originally announced Morrissey had postponed the entire South American tour informed fans that the ex-Smiths singer is now rescheduling his concerts in Chile for early August, although the two shows in Peru won’t be made up. The new Chilean dates have not yet been announced.

Morrissey’s full statement — in which the singer, now back in Los Angeles, reveals he was felled by a plate of bad penne pasta and tomato — can be read below:

See the luck I’ve had

I can’t give words to the sorrow I feel at the loss of perfect Peru. Oh, black cloud. After such a victorious and uplifting welcome of Lima love, the contaminated jinx had its way via a simple restaurant meal of penne pasta and tomato. Three hours later, both I, and security Liam have collapsed with a deadly and delirious bedridden disease. Five days of round-the-clock medical supervision just barely controls the corrosively toxic food poisoning. I know my luck too well. Sorrow replaces joy, and in every dream home a heartache. It could only be me.

I have returned to Los Angeles and to the expert supervision of my doctor Jeremy Fine, who assures me that I shall be fine (although not in the gossamer, powdery sense) for our upcoming shows in Argentina and Brazil. I have absolutely no idea where my beloved Chile has gone. In the heat of cancellations and postponements, the humiliation and mortification I feel on a personal level is too mammoth to be measured. If my spirits climb down any lower I could never again find the dignity to stand upright. We all live at the mercy of biological chance, and although I am not one to take refuge in clichés, I repeat my very servile apologies to any and all who back-packed their way to Peru. Alas, the dark shadow made the same journey.

Each year of life brings us nearer to our decline, but I will continue to seek a listener until I’m dead in a ditch.

with all the soul of the world

12 July 2013, Los Angeles.

Morrissey was to have resumed touring this week for the first time since his trouble-plagued North American trek in late 2012 and earlier this year that, after multiple postponements, finally was canceled altogether in mid-March. The singer’s publicists blamed the cancellations on “a series of medical mishaps over the past few months including a bleeding ulcer, Barrett’s esophagus and double pneumonia.”


Morrissey South American tour dates:

July 9: Jockey Club, Lima, Peru (Canceled)
July 10: Jockey Club, Lima, Peru (Canceled)
July 15: Sporting Club, Vina Del Mar, Chile (Postponed)
July 16: Monticello Grand Casino, Rancagua, Chile (Postponed)
July 18: Arena, Puerto Montt, Chile (Postponed)
July 19: Gimnasio Municipal, Concepcion, Chile (Postponed)
July 22: Teatro la Cupula, Santiago, Chile (Postponed)
July 23: Teatro la Cupula, Santiago, Chile (Postponed)
July 26: Movistar Arena, Santiago, Chile (Free concert) (Postponed)
July 28: Tecnopolis, Buenos Aires, Argentina
July 30: Credicard Hall, Sao Paulo, Brazil
Aug. 2: Espaco Iguatemi, Brasilia, Brazil
Aug. 4: CitiBank Hall, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil






  1. The fact that Moz has no idea where Chile has gone I attribute to a certain level of recreational drug abuse.

  2. Gaggin' Em Gabe

    Hate to say it about ol’ Moz, but he does struggle with honesty sometimes. This statement is so overly dramatic it has to be a joke. And don’t forget this debacle:

  3. Hotandbothered

    The best line in that apology is the one by Bryan Ferry. Morrisey, you washed up old has-been.

  4. He became a caricature of himself some time ago. You expect that to some degree from most performers unfortunately but what’s with the lies? Food poisoning that knocks you out for three weeks and forces you to fly to another continent for treatment? Bullshit.

  5. Obviously feeling good enough to write this lengthy elaborate crap. Leaving it at “Sick as a dog” would have been more convincing. But no words can stop people from seeing through all of this.

    So glad I have never been much of a fan, but I feel for those who are.

    And compare this latest Moz news with the Johnny Marr story above and others. Amazingly different paths seems like an understatement. Go, Johnny, go!!!

  6. Richard Rider

    So Moz canceled another tour…… imagine that!

  7. I call BS on this story. I’ve made tons of tomato basil penne – you can leave it out on the counter for days with no ill effects, other than it will eat holes in your pan. My bet is a bad batch of local marching powder.

  8. It is hard to swallow, no pun intended.

  9. Cheers to SUE for the choice of photos with this story. LOL classic!

  10. Scott Stalcup

    He had penne. Did he use a tray? Even Jeff Vader has to use a tray. I’ll be he didn’t use a tray.

    (That means nothing if you don’t know your Eddie Izzard, but not a lot more if you DO.)

  11. Love you Moz, but perhaps it’s time to think about writing rather than touring. I’m afraid your time has come dear friend.

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