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The Mission to release ‘The Brightest Light’ following U.S. tour this September

The Mission

Just days after wrapping the band’s first North American tour in more than a decade this September, The Mission will release its new studio album The Brightest Light, an 11-song collection that marks the first time original band members Wayne Hussey, Simon Hinkler and Craig Adams have recorded together since the sessions for 1990’s Carved In Sand.

The band detailed the new album (see tracklist below) on its website late Sunday night, announcing release dates for North America (Sept. 17), the U.K. (Sept. 20) and France (Sept. 23).

Produced by David M. Allen — who has worked with The Cure, Depeche Mode, Wire and The Sisters of Mercy — the new album was recorded earlier this year, and will be released as a standard 11-song version and as a deluxe edition with a bonus CD featuring an undisclosed number of extra tracks and a lyrics booklet. The album also will be released on double vinyl and digitally.

The new record will be the first new studio album from the reunited Mission — Hussey, Hinkler and Adams, plus new drummer Mike Kelly — since 2007′s God Is a Bullet.

Hussey reunited The Mission in fall 2011 for the first time since the band’s string of album-spanning farewell gigs in London in February and March 2008. Since then, the band has performed through Europe, Mexico and South America. The Mission embarks on its first North American tour in 11 years on Sept. 3.


Tracklist: The Mission, The Brightest Light

1. “Black Cat Bone”
2. “Everything But The Squeal”
3. “Sometimes The Brightest Light Comes From The Darkest Place”
4. “Born Under A Good Sign”
5. “The Girl In The Furskin Rug”
6. “When The Trap Clicks Shut Behind Us”
7. “Ain’t No Prayer In The Bible Can Save Me Now”
8. “Just Another Pawn In Your Game”
9. “From The Oyster Comes The Pearl”
10. “Swan Song”
11. “Litany For The Faithful”






  1. Batshiz Crazay

    Very very nice… and good to see Dave Allen producing as well. Excited about this!

  2. There is a link on their Facebook page of a review that was written for the album, very very positive review at that.

  3. Nice, great news!

  4. Oh that’s just the initial impression, a full review will be up by Sunday, 21 July at the above site.

  5. Wayne, where is your 12 string guitar??

  6. The bonus disc tracklist is as follows: Disc Two: 01. I’m
    Fallin’ Again 02. The Long Way ’Round Is Sometimes The Only Way
    Home 03. The Girl In The Furskin Rug (Wayne Hussey demo) 04. Born
    Under A Good Sign (Wayne Hussey demo) 05. Black Cat Bone (Wayne
    Hussey demo) 06. From The Oyster Comes The Pearl (Wayne Hussey
    demo) 07. When The Trap Clicks Shut Behind Us (Wayne Hussey demo)
    08. Ain’t No Prayer In The Bible Can Save Me Now (Wayne Hussey demo
    with Erica Nockalls)

  7. I got a listen to the album and I think it is stellar. I know- I KNOW many Mission fans will absolutely hate it, and the fact that Wayne and Co. probably know that as well makes me admire them all the more. Though the album is distinct, it has a similar vibe as the album Blue- a good sign it won’t be well recieved. With hints of Aura and GiaB, this seems like the logical next step in a forward progression rather than a band trying to recapture glory days past. Wayne has a dark growling vocal on the opening track, and it reappears during various havier moments throughout, and it’s a growl that gives the music its new edge. This isn’t beautiful covers of Love, this is cynical, bitter, glorious rebellion against expectations and one of the few bands who still manage to sound fresh, even if it means shedding a few more olden goths still clinging to their vinyl copies of First and Last and Always and Wasteland 12″, screaming “betrayal” because they are scared of change. Don’t be. Change is a good thing.

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