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OMD cancels rest of 2013 concerts after Malcolm Holmes suffers medical emergency

OMD, circa 2013

Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark announced it will cancel the remainder of its North American tour — concerts that had been planned for Detroit, Minneapolis and Chicago over the next five days — after drummer Malcolm Holmes suffered a medical emergency that forced the band to cut short tonight’s show at Toronto’s Danforth Music Hall.

According to fan accounts posted on OMD’s Facebook page, about 90 minutes into the show, frontman Andy McCluskey announced that Holmes could no longer play, and therefore the band couldn’t finish the show in what was described as a sweltering club.

McCluskey later announced on the OMD website’s forum that Holmes “is going to be OK,” but that the band would have to cancel the last three concerts of North American tour, which began earlier this month at the same venue in Toronto. He did not elaborate on Holmes’ medical issues.

His full message:

Malcolm is going to be OK.. he had to go to hospital. Martin went with him to keep us posted. But At this moment I have heard that he is doing OK but needs to be checked over.

I cannot say any more at this time.

However, all the remaining USA concerts.. Detroit, Minneapolis and Chicago are going to have to be cancelled.

We are sorry but Malcolm is too important and we cannot put his health in further jeopardy..

There will be further updates.


OMD this past spring released English Electric, the band’s follow-up to 2010 comeback album History of Modern, which was OMD’s first new record since 1996’s Universal and its first with its classic lineup — original members McCluskey and Paul Humphreys, plus longtime sidemen Holmes and Martin Cooper — since 1986’s The Pacific Age.

In addition to the canceled U.S. shows, OMD has three other festival appearances planned this summer in Scotland, Belgium and Portugal. It’s not clear yet whether those will go on as planned.

UPDATE: OMD has now canceled the rest of its 2013 shows, including the Rewind Festival next week, as Malcolm Homes recovers from “heat exhaustion.”

The band’s statement:

We are sorry to inform you that Malcolm was taken ill during last nights show in Toronto. He’s currently being treated for heat exhaustion in hospital but is recovering well. Sadly however we have to cancel the remaining shows of the year (including Rewind festival). Please accept our sincere apologies, we really appreciate your understanding at this very difficult time. We will give you more news on Malcolm as and when.


OMD tour dates:

July 20: Saint Andrew’s Hall, Detroit, MI, USA
July 22: Varsity Theatre, Minneapolis, MN, USA
July 23: Metro, Chicago, IL, USA
July 28: Rewind Festival, Scotland, UK
Aug. 30: Tempo! Festival, Ciney, Belgium
Sept. 6: Festival ERP Remember, Cascais, Portugal






  1. I hope he is ok
    Thanks for the update
    I was looking forward to the show
    Just bought tickets less than 24 hours ago !

  2. Was at Toronto show in first row last night and saw this all happen. SO glad doing OK. Can’t stop thinking about him and the other members of OMD. They had put on an incredible show and were heading into their last number. It was crazy hot in the venue. I just want the band to know Toronto *loves* them so much. GET WELL SOON MAL.

  3. Was at the NYC show in Terminal 5 on 7/17. They were fabulous and everyone had a great time. Sorry to hear that the rest of the tour is cancelled. Feel better soon, Malcolm! This heat wave has been brutal.

  4. There must be more to this story as cancelling shows three
    months from now over heat exhaustion seems a bit odd. Hope he gets
    well soon as the new album is brilliant.

  5. I’m sorry to hear this. Hopefully they come back and hit somewhere near me. I need to scratch them off my bucket list.

  6. Thank you so much for this post! It is not 3PM Eastern, and I was set to leave for Detroit in 3 hours.

  7. Hope he recovers soon. Saw them recently in the Pac NW and they were absolutely amazing. Great stage presentation and all the songs were executed perfectly. I do, however, agree a bit with Jason above, seems odd to cancel shows so far out just over heat exhaustion. The only thing I can think of is that they can’t afford to hold the crew and the rest of the band here in the states and have to cancel everything due to that. Either way I feel very fortunate to have seen them.

  8. Thank you. for sending me an email sorry to hear that ther
    is a cancellation.on all shows best wishes

  9. We really hope Malcolm gets better soon he is the best
    drummer OMD ever had and nobody can do it like he does he is so
    talented and professional- dont ever give up Mal you are awesome!.
    si and daniel sait from wirral

  10. Florida dude

    We love OMD so much that we flew in from another state for the Detroit show. Wasted 2 airline tickets hotel and car rental. Nonetheless this is really sad news and we wish a healthy recovery!

  11. Jason,

    Mal has a history of heart issues. Hence they are cancelling all future shows. They are just looking out for him, he has been through allot in the past.

    I got tix for two of the cancelled shows, it sucks but they made the right and only call.

  12. OMD just posted a message of thanks to Facebook for all the help Malcolm received from the band and medical people in Toronto in response to his heart stopping on stage.

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