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Bill Leeb proposes ‘Monsters of Industrial’ tour pairing Skinny Puppy, Front Line Assembly

Front Line Assembly's Bill Leeb

Electro-industrial cousins Skinny Puppy and Front Line Assembly both released brand-new studio albums this year, and Bill Leeb — who launched FLA after leaving Skinny Puppy in 1985 — has a pretty great idea: a North American “Monsters of Industrial” tour featuring both acts.

And he’s even willing to let Skinny Puppy headline.

Leeb raises the idea in a new interview with Release Music Magazine, suggesting that the ball is in Skinny Puppy’s court: “I know Dave from Metropolis (SP’s lable) really liked the idea, but it’s obviously a little complicated. We’re all for it. It’s more up to the Puppy camp if they can, and promoters too.”

His full comments on the idea of a joint SP-FLA tour:

“A while back I started throwing that idea around. I thought it would be a good idea, because of our connection, the fans and the history. For North America it would be a great ‘Monsters of Industrial’ sort of thing. I wouldn’t mind going on first and doing a shorter set. It’s just being part of it, bringing back the whole thing… from before Wax Trax, before everything, right?

“I know Dave from Metropolis really liked the idea, but it’s obviously a little complicated. We’re all for it. It’s more up to the Puppy camp if they can, and promoters too. I just really like the idea of after 25 years just coming together, you know? A great way to close an era, and start a new one. I have my fingers crossed, I think it would be fun. It’s guys I used to be really great friends with, and hung out together with for a long time, so it would be like a ‘Familientreffen.’ I think the fans would like it too. Sometimes you have to dream big. If you dream small, you stay small.”

Neither Skinny Puppy nor Front Line Assembly have any U.S. concerts scheduled at the moment.






  1. I like this idea! “Make it so!”

  2. wilhelm k

    add in 1 more act & it could be like the old wax trax shows they used to have back in 89/90.
    PUPPY, FLA, & 242 FTW!

  3. wilhelm k

    speaking of those wax trax shows, fla was suppoed to be at one that i went to and leeb couldn’t make it so they made is a wax trax/nettwerk show.
    thrill kill kult, meat beat manifesto, consallidated, & mc 900 fr. jesus.
    amazing show, i miss those days.

  4. This would be very cool!

  5. Do it, cEvin and og’s! ;)

  6. Shut up and take my money already. Both new albums are awesome, Puppy’s new one rivals some of their best of all time.

  7. This needs to happen. And I agree with Charles – both FLA and SP released quality albums this year.

  8. Jodi Quinn

    It’s nice to know that Front Live Assembly doesn’t have any tour dates scheduled, but what about Front Line Assembly?

  9. Lastman2fly


  10. Nah. Bring Legendary Pink Dots to the mix instead, to finally get a tour with THE TEAR GARDEN.

  11. that would be such a great show!

  12. Money Mike

    Add a strong 3rd act and come to the armpit if the universe (Arizona) and I’m there no questions asked. I didn’t like either band’s release this year but for old time’s sake. My money is waiting!

    • That 80's Guy

      Puppy always come to Phoenix and play the Tempe, Marquee (2004, 2007, 2009). FLA played in Mesa a year or so ago.

      Phoenix is a shithole, no argument from me on that one.

  13. great idea, hope it happens. But please, when in Vancouver do not play the rickshaw. This is worthy of a bigger venue. And please for fuck sakes dont have LSD open!

  14. Just don’t book it at the Regency Ballroom in SF. They have ridiculously bad sound and that is just wrong.

  15. +Noise Unit +Haujobb and I’ll just explode

  16. Mark Rogers

    Add 16 Volt. Holy shit what a show that would be. I’d drive many miles to see that.

  17. Yes PLEASE!!!!!!!!

  18. Fuck his idea I want his CHAIR!@!@$!@$

  19. A realy wonderful , great idea from Bill Leeb. I hope that this comes and it’s a great pleasure for all North-American Skinny Puppy and Front Line Assembly fans and friends .If that actually comes about , i really hope this tour comes also to Europe for a few concerts.. Skinny Puppy AND Front Line Assembly – together on tour .. that would be absolutely great . Thanks Bill ,for the extremly good idea , now make it ( for all your friends & fans also and for your legendary Industrial Bands ) .

  20. I have been dreaming if this for 17 years! Add Cyberaktif and close with the song “Nothing Stays”…. I will cry. You can’t tease us like this! This HAS to happen!!!

  21. This would be an awesome show! Make it happen!

  22. This would be an incredible show. It NEEDS to happen!

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