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Vintage Video: Depeche Mode ended European leg of Devotional Tour 20 years ago today

Dave Gahan of Depeche Mode

Twenty years ago today, Depeche Mode wrapped up the European leg of its mammoth Devotional Tour in support of 1993’s Songs of Faith and Devotion with a show at the Crystal Palace in London. To mark the occasion, Depeche Mode has debuted a new Archives Special on its website, a 5 1/2-minute reel compiled by webmaster Daniel Barassi that features rare performance footage of “Policy of Truth” from that July 31, 1993, concert, plus clips of “120 Minutes” host Lewis Largent interviewing each member of the band.

Check it out below:







  1. For UK fans if your interested, UNCUT Magazine released a full special edition of Depeche Mode today, rare photos & interviews, go check it out in stores!

  2. Their BEST period! ;)

  3. Agreed. Their best record by far. Songs of Faith and Devotion is excellent.

  4. Jazzmaster

    Ugh! Could not disagree more. SOFAD sucks. Even the singles are terrible. It’s all Martin discovering monotonous guitar riffs and fake gospel bullshit. On top of all that we had to put up with Dave going through his drug addict grease ball period when he got all those really bad tattoos.

  5. Jazzmaster

    Not particularly. The beginning of a lull maybe. In all honesty, it probably has more to do with the direction that my taste in music had taken at the time it was released. I was way too much of a rock snob for depeche at the time. I still can’t listen to it though. I just don’t care for the whole vibe of it and can’t help but to think that much of its reputation is staked on what came before it. I was just taking an undeserved piss on Dave and Martin.

  6. Delta-mode

    I respect your opinions but i have to say, for me, SOFAD is the finest album of their career. The songs are the deepest, most heartfelt that Gore ever wrote and dare i say, it was the first record on which Gahan finally became a proper singer, rather than just sounding like a robot. This was their creative peak and don’t forget how huge it was, No1 in both the UK & USA.

    • …making Phil Oakey the last robot standing?! Thank God the Edge’s robotic reign seemed to begin and end with “Numb”–YIKES!

      Not a huge DM fan, Delta-mode, but great comments from you and Devotee–as aways. And I do have heaps of respect for Martin, a cleaned-up and passionate Dave, a much-missed Alan, and Andrew…well, let’s just say I’d love to have his job! Can also say that “Walking in My Shoes” is pretty untouchable and one of their many songs (“Never Let Me Down Again,” “Stripped,” “Only When I Lose Myself,” etc.) that are staples on my playlists here.

      And, yes, the album was a BIGGIE! Can still remember promo posters for it everywhere!

  7. Yes, the band was fraught with tension and this comes out in a set of truly intense, poignant songs. Gahan’s vocals are the most intense in his career and how can one not mention the vital role of Alan Wilder. His contribution and live drumming are stellar. In Your Room, Rush, Walking in my Shoes, Mercy in You and Higher Love are incredible songs.

  8. Yes – this was the first time Dave actually became a “singer”
    Yes – this was Martin in top songwriting form
    Yes – Wilder’s contribution’s in this period should never be underestimated (playing drums live and reworking classic tracks!)

    Check out the following boots –

    Devotional Tour: Crystal Palace National Sports Centre, London United Kingdom , July 31,1993

    Devotional Tour: Stade Couvert Régional, Liévin, France, July 29, 1993 [Official DVD Release]

    The Exotic Summer Tour: Blaisdell Arena, Honolulu, Hawaii, USA, March 26, 1994

    The Exotic Summer Tour: Shoreline Amphitheatre, Mountain View, CA, May 14, 1994 (without Fletch – with Daryl Bamonte)

    • I presume that you’re not a tart because you like SOFAD? SOFAD is obviously first unsuccessful try for Depeche Mode to become rock band and Delta Machine is their last. Depeche Mode is fantastic synth-pop band (Black Celebration, Music For The Masses, Violator, Some Great Reward, Speak & Spell..) and awful rock band (SOFAD, Delta Machine, Playing The Angel..)

      • I’m not big on SOFAD as it seemed to shticky, the whole gospel theme, so made it a patchy album. But some of their best songs are on there Rush, In Your Room, Higher, WIMS. Even though I am not a fan of the album as a whole, I do admit it makes for a good live show with the songs in it.

        I don’t consider Playing The Angel trying to be rock at all just because they used distorted guitar. It was a brilliant industrial electronic album.

        How can you say Delta Machine is them trying to be rock? It’s very synth driven.

  9. I don’t care how the record charted; it is brilliant and better than its predecessors.

    Speak and Spell is for Wham fans. Either that, or those who said that Debbie Gibson was cool for a few weeks in 1987.

  10. Delta-Mode

    Speak & Spell is Erasure with Dave Gahan on lead vocals lol
    I do like it though, particularly Tora Tora Tora.

    I’ve never understood why anyone thought SOFAD was anything near resembling a rock album, its actually very electronic, I Feel You is the only track that really rocks, songs like Rush, Higher Love and Judas have no guitars at all.
    Saying SOFAD by the Mode is a rock record is like saying NIN are 100% metal – ridiculous!

  11. Depeche Mode is one of the most creative band in the world and have been for years and years. They kept improving over the years and Songs of Faith and Devotion is an absolute jewel!! Their best record in my opinion : an electronic/rock diamond. Dave’s voice is just outstanding, so deep, smooth and raging at the same time, full of emotions, the lyrics are beautiful and very inspired as usual and the melodies and arrangements are highly creative and mind blowing. Higher Love and even more In my room are some of the very best DM songs, In my room gives me goosebumps every time.
    And the video of the Devotional Tour is just AMAZING!!! The video projections, the lights, the stage design, the music, Dave’s voice, the high quality of performance of the musicians (Alan on a real piano is gorgeous), and again Dave, a fantastic performer, singer, dancer and the sexiest man in the universe!! I wish I could have been there.
    Nowadays, they are still awesome, still super creative, enthusiastic, Delta Machine is a great album, and the tour is awesome (I was there this time). Thank you Depeche Mode to be part of this world. You really Soothe my Soul!!

  12. Delta-mode, I agree, Speak and Spell was definetly all Vince Clark. The reason why you like Tora Tora Tora is because it was the only Martin Gore song on the album. And while the boys did grow up musically and vocally by the 90’s who can ignore the artistic vision, innocence and brilliance of A Broken Frame and Construction Time Again. The Sun and the Rainfall is still my favorite DM song to this day.

  13. Tracey Devine

    I think Songs of Faith and Devotion was the best of their career. I can tell you from the bottom of my soul what a wonderful album it is. But everyone is entitled to their own opinion & I respect that & that’s what makes the world so great. I was lucky to have seen the Devotional Tour 3 times. None of their other tours even touched the energy and Dave’s vocals as that tour. I read in an interview that Dave thought he sounded the best of his whole singing career on that tour.

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