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Stream: Kitchens of Distinction, ‘Japan to Jupiter’ — first single off reunion album ‘Folly’

Kitchens of Distinction, 'Folly'

Reunited dreampop trio Kitchens of Distinction on Wednesday formally announced the release this fall of their first new album in 19 years, then proceeded to debut the first track off that collection — “Japan to Jupiter” — on Steve Lamacq’s show on BBC’s 6 Music. Below, check out the full track via YouTube uploader Sandpaper Duvet.

KoD’s Folly is set for release Sept. 30 and is now available for pre-order from 3 Loop Music.


Kitchens of Distinction, “From Japan to Jupiter”






  1. I was very excited to hear KOD was getting back together. Was, excited. Well at least there is still 9 more songs we haven’t heard yet. I will keep my fingers crossed.

  2. Yeah, first listen didn’t really get me going too much either. Let’s just hope that this is only the lead track on the album and not their lead single.

  3. I actually never heard of this band until I saw this post, and whoa…they are good. So thanks for introducing me.

  4. Agreed. Song is not that impressive, sounds more like Patrick’s Stephen Hero output. For me, A big part of KOD was always Julian Swales’ guitar coupled with Patrick’s voice. The guitar takes a back seat on this one. Needless to say, still really excited about this release!

  5. Fomer 80s DJ KCPR

    even their b-sides were legendary…

    lets hope Julian Swales sparkles on this album like SFW.

  6. Ya’ll are kidding, right? While this track may not exhibit some of Julian’s more ambitious guitar heroics, it has all the wistful, aching, then beautifully resolved chord progressions and unexpected vocal lines of much of the back catalog.

    I just discovered the announcement of the impending album minutes ago, and I’m still speechless with gratitude and anticipation!

    Thanks, KOD. For two decades worth of fucking AmAZING music and stellar memories. I’ll be first in line for the new record. Can’t bloody wait.


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