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Tears For Fears’ ‘The Hurting’ box set: Remixes, B-sides, radios sessions, live DVD

Tears For Fears, 'The Hurting'

As we first noted last week, Tears For Fears’ landmark debut album The Hurting is due for a 30th anniversary reissue later this year, and now comes the details: The deluxe four-disc box set will include the original album, a disc of remixes and B-sides, a collection of BBC radio sessions and the long-out-of-print “In My Mind’s Eye” concert film on DVD.

As our friends at SuperDeluxeEdition point out, the Hurting reissue — both the box set and a 2CD edition — is due out Oct. 21 via Universal Music, and the first 500 people who pre-order the four-disc set via Universal’s Box Set Store website will receive a free “Change” 7-inch in a special black-and-white sleeve.

The box set also will include a replica of Tears For Fears’ 1983 tour program and a new 34-page hardback book featuring an essay about the album and new interviews of Roland Orzabal and Curt Smith by SuperDeluxeEdition’s Paul Sinclair, as well as never-before-seen photos.

The Hurting — which came in at No. 4 on Slicing Up Eyeballs’ Top 100 Albums of 1983 list — has been reissued once before, in 1999, and that was with just four bonus tracks (remixes and extended versions of “Pale Shelter,” “The Way You Are,” “Mad World” and “Change”).

Read more about the reissue at SuperDeluxeEdition.


Tracklist: Tears For Fears, The Hurting: 30th Anniversary Edition

CD 1: The Hurting
1. “The Hurting”
2. “Mad World”
3. “Pale Shelter (You Don’t Give Me Love)”
4. “Ideas As Opiates”
5. “Memories Fade”
6. “Suffer The Children”
7. “Watch Me Bleed”
8. “Change”
9. “The Prisoner”
10. “Start Of The Breakdown”

CD 2: B-Sides and Remixes
1. “Suffer The Children” (7″ Version)
2. “Pale Shelter (You Don’t Give Me Love)”
3. “The Prisoner” (B-side)
4. “Ideas As Opiates” (B-side)
5. “Change” (New Version)
6. “Suffer The Children” (Remix)
7. “Pale Shelter (You Don’t Give Me Love)” (Extended Version)
8. “Mad World” (World Remix)
9. “Change” (Extended Version)
10. “Pale Shelter” (Extended Version)
11. “Suffer The Children” (Instrumental)
12. “Change” (7″ Edit)
13. “Wino” (B-Side)
14. “The Conflict” (B-Side)
15. “We Are Broken” (B-Side)
16. “Suffer The Children” (Promo CD Version)

CD 3: Live Sessions (Box Set Only)
Peel Session 01.09.1982
1. Ideas As Opiates
2. Suffer The Children
3. The Prisoner
4. The Hurting
Jensen Session 20.10.1982
5. Memories Fade
6. The Prisoner
7. The Start Of The Breakdown
8. The Hurting
From ‘The Way You Are’ single
9. Start Of The Breakdown (Live)
10. Change (Live)

DVD: “In My Mind’s Eye – Live At Hammersmith Odeon” (Box Set Only)
1. “Start Of The Breakdown”
2. “Mothers Talk”
3. “Pale Shelter”
4. “The Working Hour”
5. “The Prisoner”
6. “Ideas As Opiates”
7. “Mad World”
8. “We Are Broken”
9. “Head Over Heels”
10. “Suffer The Children”
11. “The Hurting”
12. “Memories Fade”
13. “Change”






  1. It’s a shame they couldn’t fit the videos for the singles on that DVD – I had the LaserDisc release which had videos for a bunch of the songs!

  2. Ok, there’s still some bits missing but better than nothing at all… looks like a great set! Here’s hoping that they edited out all those visual effects from IN MY MIND’S EYE ;)

  3. Batshiz Crazay

    Don’t remind me of those crazy visuals from Mind’s Eye haha! Good stuff though and a great album from those guys- def my favorite.

  4. This is how deluxe reissues are done. And I hope they didn’t change a thing to the crazy visuals on the video, that’s part of its charm! Will be picking this one up for sure.

    • Thank you, TS! The visuals are one of the best aspects of the video film…a glimpse of what ’80s videos were like.

  5. A couple of missing items and I wish they would have used the original UK release cover (the lake shot they use for one of the bonus discs) however, this looks very well done. Looking forward to this for sure.

  6. No 5.1 DTS DVD-A? I know I’m holding onto an out dated format, but it sure would have been nice…

    • 5.1 DTS DVDA hardly outdated. XTC’s whole catalog coming out in this format soon. Starting with NONSUCH in October! and Blu-Ray edition as well!

  7. Murphy's Law

    I hope they do Songs From the Big Chair with this kind of detail. I’ll be waiting for that one.

  8. Well, I guess I got my answer as to what other “pearls” existed from THE HURTING era. I hope (and expect) this gem to be released in Japanese SHM-CD Format this October (which is sonic nirvana). I also love that it looks like they printed the collection in mini-LP format. I need some serious money for The Fall.

  9. Can’t wait! Been waiting forever for In My Mind’s Eye since my VHS erased itself!!

  10. This is hands down my favorite album of all time. The topics of divorce really resonated with me as a teenager. Such an intense album. Vocals are so powerful. I use to watch the VHS “In My Minds Eye”. Looks like I can have a better quality take on it now (weird visuals, or not;)

  11. There are mistakes on this set. The b-side version of “Ideas As Opiates” on the second disc is just the album version again, not the original. And “We Are Broken” is actually “Broken Revisited” that was already re-issued on the Songs From The Big Chair deluxe edition. It’s not the original b-side at all… :(

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