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Nirvana’s 89-track ‘In Utero’ box set to feature unheard instrumental, ‘2013 Mix’ of album

Nirvana circa 'In Utero'

The 3CD/1DVD box set commemorating the 20th anniversary of Nirvana’s third and final album In Utero that was announced last month will include a brand-new mix of the album, a host of B-sides, compilation cuts, alternate mixes and early demos — plus a “recently unearthed” and previously unheard instrumental called “Forgotten Tune.”

That’s according to details of the 89-track set unveiled by Rolling Stone. The In Utero reissue — which also will be released as a 2CD set and a triple-vinyl release — is due out Sept. 24 via Universal Music.

The set includes:

  • CD 1: Remastered version of the original album, as mixed by Steve Albini and Scott Litt, plus B-sides, bonus tracks and compilation cuts, as well as previously unreleased Albini mixes of “Heart-Shaped Box” and “All Apologies” (Litt’s mixes of those two songs appeared on the album).
  • CD 2: A full “2013 Mix” of the album; it’s not yet known who’s behind that or how it differs. Plus pre-album demos of eight of In Utero’s 12 songs, as well as an in-studio jam and the newly unearthed, two-minute instrumental “Forgotten Tune” that was recorded at an In Utero-era rehearsal.
  • CD 3: The full 17-song performance for MTV’s “Live & Loud” that was recorded at Seattle’s Pier 48 on Dec. 13, 1993.
  • DVD: Full video of the “Live & Loud” concert, plus a dozen bonus tracks, including “Live & Loud” rehearsals, the original “Heart-Shaped Box” video and its director’s cut, and various live performances filmed in Europe.

The In Utero “Super Deluxe Edition” box set is available for pre-order now via, and, as we’ve noted before, it’s significantly cheaper — about $60 cheaper, in fact — at the moment to order it from and have it shipped to the U.S.

See full tracklist below:


Nirvana, 'In Utero' box set

Tracklist: Nirvana, In Utero: Super Deluxe Edition

CD 1: In Utero Plus B-Sides, Bonus Tracks
1. “Serve The Servants” (Albini mix/original release)
2. “Scentless Apprentice” (Albini mix/original release)
3. “Heart-Shaped Box” (Litt mix/original release)
4. “Rape Me” (Albini mix/original release)
5. “Frances Farmer Will Have Her Revenge On Seattle” (Albini mix/original release)
6. “Dumb” (Albini mix/original release)
7. “Very Ape” (Albini mix/original release)
8. “Milk It” (Albini mix/original release)
9. “Pennyroyal Tea” (Albini mix/original release)
10. “Radio Friendly Unit Shifter” (Albini mix/original release)
11. “tourette’s” (Albini mix/original release)
12. “All Apologies” (Litt mix/original release)
13. “Gallons Of Rubbing Alcohol Flow Through The Strip” (ex-U.S. bonus track)
14. “Marigold” (B-side; “Heart Shaped Box)
15. “Moist Vagina” (B-side; “All Apologies”)
16. “Sappy” (From “No Alternative” compilation)
17. “I Hate Myself And Want To Die” (From “The Beavis And Butt-Head Experience” compilation)
18. “Pennyroyal Tea” (Litt mix)
19. “Heart-Shaped Box” (Albini mix/unreleased)
20. “All Apologies” (Albini mix/unreleased)

CD 2: 2013 Album Mix Plus Pre-Album Demos
1. “Serve The Servants” (2013 mix)
2. “Scentless Apprentice” (2013 mix)
3. “Heart-Shaped Box” (2013 mix)
4. “Rape Me” (2013 mix)
5. “Frances Farmer Will Have Her Revenge On Seattle” (2013 mix)
6. “Dumb” (2013 mix)
7. “Very Ape” (2013 mix)
8. “Milk It” (2013 mix)
9. “Pennyroyal Tea” (2013 mix)
10. “Radio Friendly Unit Shifter” (2013 mix)
11. “Tourette’s” (2013 mix)
12. “All Apologies (2013 mix)
13. “Scentless Apprentice” (Rio demo)
14. “Frances Farmer Will Have Her Revenge On Seattle” (Laundry Room demo)
15. “Dumb” (Word Of Mouth demo)
16. “Very Ape” (Rio demo)
17. “Pennyroyal Tea” (Word Of Mouth demo)
18. “Radio Friendly Unit Shifter” (Word Of Mouth demo)
19. “Tourette’s” (Word Of Mouth demo)
20. “Marigold” (Upland Studios demo)
21. “All Apologies” (Music Source demo)
22. “Forgotten Tune” (Rehearsal)
23. “Jam” (Word Of Mouth demo)

CD 3: Live & Loud: Live at Pier 48, Seattle, WA – 12/13/93
1. “Radio Friendly Unit Shifter”
2. “Drain You”
3. “Breed”
4. “Serve The Servants”
5. “Rape Me”
6. “Sliver”
7. “Pennyroyal Tea”
8. “Scentless Apprentice”
9. “All Apologies”
10. “Heart-Shaped Box”
11. “Blew”
12. “The Man Who Sold The World”
13. “School”
14. “Come As You Are”
15. “Lithium”
16. “About a Girl”
17. “Endless, Nameless”

DVD: Live & Loud: Live at Pier 48, Seattle, WA – 12/13/93
1. “Radio Friendly Unit Shifter”
2. “Drain You”
3. “Breed”
4. “Serve The Servants”
5. “Rape Me”
6. “Sliver”
7. “Pennyroyal Tea”
8. “Scentless Apprentice”
9. “All Apologies”
10. “Heart-Shaped Box”
11. “Blew”
12. “The Man Who Sold The World”
13. “School”
14. “Come As You Are”
15. “Lithium”
16. “About a Girl”
17. “Endless, Nameless”
18. “Very Ape” (Live & Loud Rehearsal)
19. “Radio Friendly Unit Shifter” (Live & Loud Rehearsal)
20. “Rape Me” (Live & Loud Rehearsal)
21. “Pennyroyal Tea” (Live & Loud Rehearsal)
22. “Heart-Shaped Box” (Original Music Video + Director’s Cut)
23. “Rape Me” (Live on “Nulle Part Ailleurs” – Paris, France)
24. “Pennyroyal Tea” (Live on “Nulle Part Ailleurs” – Paris, France)
25. “Drain You” (Live on “Nulle Part Ailleurs” – Paris, France)
26. “Serve The Servants” (Live on “Tunnel” – Rome, Italy)
27. “Radio Friendly Unit Shifter” (Live in Munich, Germany)
28. “My Best Friend’s Girl” (Live in Munich, Germany)
29. “Drain You” (Live in Munich, Germany)






  1. Any word if the ‘Live and Loud’ standalone DVD will include a CD of the concert, too (like the ‘Live at Reading’ DVD)?

  2. uglyredhonda

    Unlikely, as that’s one of the few draws of the Super Deluxe. The same thing happened with the Paramount DVD/Blu ray – the CD version was only included in the Nevermind Super Deluxe.

    For what’s here, this feels grossly expensive, particularly considering how many of the tracks are already available elsewhere (either on Greatest Hits packages or With the Lights Out). The same was true of the Nevermind box – I would have loved to own it, but I’m not spending $135 for it. (For $135-150, these should also include vinyl.)

    Having said that, I think there are a couple of quiet highlights here. The Live and Loud disc will be the first official issuing of the electric version of “Man Who Sold the World”, which, for my money, stomps all over the Unplugged version. And “Best Friend’s Girl” and the Nulle Part Ailleurs take of “Drain You” are pretty amazing.

    The 2013 mix is intriguing. They posted a picture recently on their Facebook of the surviving band plus Albini (and guests) having dinner in Chicago, which suggests that he may have been involved. (Which is almost odd, given that Albini’s pointedly noted in 1993 that he “couldn’t have done any better” with the original mix.)

  3. Nice set but a bit pricey. I wouldn’t listen to the extras enough to justify buying this version. Very comprehensive of the period though.

    I am still most impressed with the way U2 The Cure handled their remasters. Having several options to choose from based on content and price was refresshing for once. I wish they had done the same for Nirvana’s campaign.

  4. uglyredhonda

    For anyone interested in the details, Steve Albini did an extensive podcast with Vish Khanna where he went through the details of his involvement with this project.

    The 2013 Mix was put together by Albini and Krist Novoselic (with input from Grohl and Smear) as a “what-if” scenario – adding and removing elements to create an alternate version of the album. (More or less in the spirit of what the Doors did with their 40th anniversary re-issues.) He said that he doesn’t think it’s “better”, just another angle.

    Albini also oversaw the mastering of the album discs, and claims it’s closer to how he heard it in studio versus the 1993 release. (The choice of Abbey Road for the mastering was partly due to his work on the upcoming Shellac EP, which he also talked about.)

    He also talked about the vinyl release, which he said was mastered to copper plate directly from the analog masters. The vinyl release is a double 12-inch (45RPM) in order to get around some of the technical problems with the 1993 version.

    It’s a pretty interesting 75 minutes of discussion. Among other things, Albini offers a cool story about discovering that he’d met Cobain years before working with him.

  5. The price is the same on the U.S. amazon site as the UK amazon site. You’re not taking into account that one British Pound is worth 1.58 dollars as of today’s date. It would actually cost more to ship from the UK if you include shipping and taxes.

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