Video — August 16, 2013 at 12:07 am

Is that Black Francis screaming along to a brand-new Pixies song on Vine?

Black Francis

Over the past few weeks, the members of the Pixies — Black Francis, Joey Santiago, David Lovering and new bassist Kim Shattuck — have been treating fans to photos and video through a collection of new Twitter, Vine and Instagram accounts named “The Actual Pixies” (apparently so as not to be confused with the band’s “official” presence on Twitter).

Thursday night, fans were abuzz about a Vine video shot by Black Francis that shows him driving while singing, or, rather, screaming along to what sounds like a new Pixies song. The band tweeted the link from its @theactualpixies account with no further explanation, although it immediately followed another Vine titled “Getting gear, man” that features the former Frank Black driving a van into a self-storage yard.

Hear for yourself via the Vine posted below (click the box in the right-hand corner for sound).

In June, the Pixies both announced the departure of founding bassist Kim Deal and released “Bagboy,” the band’s first new song since 2004. That track features Jeremy Dubs singing the Deal-like parts, but he is not her replacement. Last month, the Pixies revealed that Shattuck, of The Muffs, will serve as the band’s new bassist on its upcoming world tour, which opens Sept. 9 in Los Angeles.






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