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Vintage Video: Ministry at First Avenue, 1983 — watch full ‘With Sympathy’-era set

Ministry's Al Jourgensen

For this week’s this installment of Vintage Video, we travel back 30 years to a kinder, gentler time, an era before Al Jourgensen discovered speed metal and riddled his face with tattoos and studded piercings, and was, instead, simply content to rock a sharp hat, sing in a faux British accent and craft some high-grade early-’80s synthpop.

Below, we present a full 10-song, 55-minute Ministry set filmed at Minneapolis’ famed First Avenue club on July 20, 1983, about two months after the release of the band’s classic — albeit now-disowned by Jourgensen — debut album, With Sympathy.

Check it out below via Roy Oh.

And if you need a reminder about how much things can change in 30 years, re-visit Ministry’s brand-new single “PermaWar.” Or relive Uncle Al’s recent war on raccoons.



Setlist: Ministry, First Avenue, Minneapolis, Minn., 7/20/83

1. “Work for Love”
2. “So-So Life”
3. “Revenge”
4. “Effigy (I’m Not An)”
5. “What Is the Reason?”
6. “I’m Falling”
7. “I Wanted to Tell Her”
8. “What He Say”
9. “Here We Go”
10. “Overkill”






  1. This is classic!

    Last project I enjoyed was Filth Pig in ’96… be great if he cleaned up his act and released some decent music again. Sad thing is he’s a smart and talented guy with the ability to resurrect himself. I appreciate his honesty but he comes across as someone who just really isn’t happy with himself… like at all. His perceived street cred from shooting junk with Burroughs and being an acid head to Leary manifested itself into a buffoon who may scare the shit out of some Korn fans but to those who still remember, well…

    (even ppl who don’t like Al or Ministry can appreciate this!)

  2. Actually sounds freaking great. Love the tag on the video that says Minneapolis, MI. LOL!

  3. I love early Ministry. Great performance!

  4. Jonathan Crary

    This is one amazing concert….”With Sympathy” is one of my faves of the ’80’s and still stands the test of time! This is the Ministry I remember and is most important to me! Long live “With Sympathy”!

  5. That 80's Guy

    Uncle Al has put out a lot worse garbage than ‘With Sympathy’ which was actually a great synth album. The last few Ministry records have been awful. I would rather here these songs played any day over the recent Ministry output.

    ‘With Sympathy’ will always haunt Uncle Al, no doubt.

  6. Early Ministry is awesome! Last decent album was “Land of Rape and Honey” – best was “Twitch”. When Ministry went metal and when they started stinking real bad – who needs more guitar riffs and screeching garbage?

  7. Robert Pullen

    Love the 1983 Ministry

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