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Pixies release new 4-song ‘EP-1’ — watch video for new song ‘Indie Cindy’


With their fall tour set to open next week with a four-night club run in Los Angeles, the Pixies today released the first in a series of new studio EPs — a four-song set cleverly titled EP-1 that’s available as a digital download or on limited-edition 10-inch vinyl — and premiered the music video for one of its songs, “Indie Cindy.”

The Pixies will debut their new Kim Deal-less lineup with four Los Angeles concerts prior to their appearance at Riot Fest Chicago on Sept. 15, to be followed by four more small club shows in New York City before the band — with Kim Shattuck of The Muffs on bass — embarks on a European tour.

The group earlier this summer release its first new song in nine years, a single called “Bagboy” featuring backing vocals by Jeremy Dubs in place of Deal. In addition to “Indie Cindy,” the new songs released today include “Andro Queen,” “Another Toe in the Ocean” and “What Goes Boom,” and they can be purchased in a variety of packages at

The EP is the first of several due over the next 15 months, according to a New York Times interview with the band published today. Black Francis tells the newspaper: “If we’re going to keep touring like this, we need some kind of new story, a new life, something.”

Below, check out full tour dates and the new video:

Pixies, “Indie Cindy”


Tracklist: Pixies, EP-1

1. “Andro Queen”
2. “Another Toe in the Ocean”
3. “Indie Cindy”
4. “What Goes Boom”


Pixies tour dates:

Sept. 9: El Rey Theatre, Los Angeles, CA
Sept. 10: El Rey Theatre, Los Angeles, CA
Sept. 11: El Rey Theatre, Los Angeles, CA
Sept. 12: Mayan Theater, Los Angeles, CA
Sept. 15: Riot Fest, Chicago, IL
Sept. 17: Bowery Ballroom, New York, NY
Sept. 18: Bowery Ballroom, New York, NY
Sept. 19: Music Hall of Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY
Sept. 20: Bowery Ballroom, New York, NY

Sept. 25: iTunes Festival, Roundhouse, London, UK
Sept. 29: Olympia, Paris, France
Sept. 30: Olympia, Paris, France
Oct. 2: Ancienne Belgique, Brussels, Belgium
Oct. 3: Ancienne Belgique, Brussels, Belgium
Oct. 5: Paradiso, Amsterdam, Holland
Oct. 6: Paradiso, Amsterdam, Holland
Oct. 8: Huxleys, Berlin, Germany
Oct. 9: Huxleys, Berlin, Germany
Oct. 10: Lucerna Music Hall, Prague, Czech Republic
Nov. 1: Gasometer, Vienna, Austria
Nov. 2: Geneva, Geneva, Switzerland
Nov. 4: Alcatraz, Milan, Italy
Nov. 5: Le Phare, Toulouse, France
Nov. 7: La Riviera, Madrid, Spain
Nov. 8: La Riviera, Madrid, Spain
Nov. 9: Coleisum, Lisbon, Portugal
Nov. 11: Rockhal, Luxembourg, Luxembourg
Nov. 13: Falkoner, Copenhagen, Denmark
Nov. 14: Sentrum Scene, Oslo, Norway
Nov. 15: Munchen Brewery, Stockholm, Sweden
Nov. 18: Olympia, Dublin, Ireland
Nov. 19: Olympia, Dublin, Ireland
Nov. 21: Apollo, Manchester, UK
Nov. 22: Barrlowland, Glasgow, UK
Nov. 24: Hammersmith Apollo, London, UK
Nov. 25: Hammersmith Apollo, London, UK






  1. Isn’t the song “Indie Cindy”? That’s what flashes at the start of the video. Freudian slip.

  2. No sign of the snippet that was on Vine a couple of weeks ago. Looks like there’s more in the arsenal!

  3. Nothing like a motiveless killing to start your day.

  4. Yeah… the poets of AmherstMass… James Tate… Dara Weir… Dave Berman… St. Emily… Francis… Heather Christle & Frank Black.

  5. This is pretty neat, the band just made the New York Times. There’s some interesting information in here, too:

  6. Those tea baggers at Pitchfork gave the EP 1.0 out of 10. While its not the best of Pixies, I feel the songs are solid. I’d like more of the Frank Black vs female vocal balance, I think these songs are quite good.

    • I just read that piece, and it’s written from an odd position: the perspective of someone who missed the band the first time around, and has only grown up with its legend and mythology. He’s personally let down by some construct that exists in his own mind, but so what? Bands evolve, deal with it.

      I will say, I’ll bet you five bucks that if the reunited Breeders ever release something new, Pitchfork would give it a 10 regardless of what it sounds like.

    • I’ll add that I haven’t heard the whole EP yet, but I really like this song. Sounds like Pixies to me, and I was there the first time.

    • oldmanwinter

      they are pretty spot on. this ep is horrid.

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