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The Mission’s ‘The Brightest Light’ streaming on Spotify a week ahead of release

The Mission, 'The Brightest Light'

With their first new album in six years — and first to feature original band members Wayne Hussey, Simon Hinkler and Craig Adams since 1990 — due out next week, The Mission has begun streaming the full 12-track The Brightest Light via Spotify. Below, you can check out the complete album, which arrives Sept. 17 in the U.S. and Sept. 23 in the U.K.







  1. What in the hell has happened to Wayne Hussey’s voice? It sounds like Andrew Eldritch ran his vocal chords through a meat grinder. After listening to this, I listened to God’s Own Medicine and Carved in Sand. Hardly sounds like the same person.

  2. spotify? what the F is this crap, I’m not signing up

  3. Haha. We’re all grumpy and old now.

  4. Ha ha!! Great observation, j! We really are!

    I picked up the CD at a Mission show last week and I’m really enjoying it. It doesn’t sound like “God’s Own Medicine” or “Carved In Sand”, but it has a lot of good stuff on it. The last two tracks alone are worth the price of admission!

  5. Hmmm. Yeah his voice just sounds ragged. I wish I was more enthused, but kind of leaves me a bit cold. But I haven’t been into them for a while I guess.

    To be honest, after watching ‘The World’s End’ I’m really just craving a new Sisters album so bad. Get it together Andrew. Come into the light, it’s only be what 13 years???

    • Actually, it has been twenty-three years since Vision Thing. Sadly, I don’t think that there will ever be another studio album.

  6. I love Wayne’s voice on this album. It’s raw (only on a few tracks) and it makes some songs sound heavier than early Mission songs. All in all, the bulk of the album is great. There are a few weak moments in the middle there (Born Under…, The Girl…) but far more good than bad. Still, Mission fans are not the most open minded, so I doubt it will be well recieved by many of them, especially since the album has a similar feel to Blue, GiaB and Aura and since Blue is constantly being bashed by “fans”, I can’t see them being too jazzed about the newest release. Oh well, who cares?

    I’m happy The Sisters have stopped. They were great in the day, but there’s no way a new album would feel fresh and exciting. The unreleased songs they’ve been playing like for over a decade really offer nothing new.

  7. When I first heard the audio clips, it sounded horrible, but I picked up the new deluxe CD in Seattle after a stunning performance and it is pretty good, definitely better than God is a Bullet, which I thought had a lot of sub-par songs. This said, I love Blue, Masque and Aura. God is a Bullet is the only real letdown for me.

    The Brightest Light, I agree, is strong in the beginning and in the end, but the middle starts to veer towards filler. All in all, I would recommend it to anyone who likes the post-Carved in Sand albums. The bonus songs are the deluxe version are also fantastic.

    And for the record, my three favorite albums by The Mission are Neverland, Masque and Carved/Grains of Sand.

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