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Peter Murphy to bring ‘Mr. Moonlight’ all-Bauhaus show back to California this fall

Peter Murphy

After taking his Mr. Moonlight Tour across the United States, Europe and even to South America this summer, Peter Murphy will bring the show — which celebrates the 35th anniversary of Bauhaus with a set comprised only of that band’s material or songs the group covered — back to California this October for five more concerts.

Murphy this weekend announced he will play five dates in four cities, performing in Pioneertown, Napa, Santa Ana and San Francisco, with two shows slated for the latter city. Tickets are on sale now for each of the shows, and they include options to purchase VIP tickets that include a meet-and-greet with Murphy.

Murphy, who currently is working on a new album called Lion that’s due out early next year, opened the all-Bauhaus tour in April in Texas, played a round of U.S. dates before heading to Europe, and then returned for a second U.S. leg this summer. Last month, he took the tour to South America, as well.


Peter Murphy “Mr. Moonlight Tour” dates:

Oct. 11: Pappy and Harriet’s, Pioneertown, CA
Oct. 12: Uptown Theatre, Napa, CA
Oct. 13: Yoshi’s, San Francisco, CA (early show)
Oct. 13: Yoshi’s, San Francisco, CA (late show)
Oct. 20: The Observatory, Santa Ana, CA






  1. It seems like Peter has constantly been touring for the last two years. I have seen him 6 times in the last two years alone. I didn’t think the Mr Moonlight tour was that great… at least at his stop at The Fonda in LA… short set list and it kinda seemed like he was burned out… going thru the motion

  2. Mr. Moonlight in CA? Deja vu has never made me feel this tired.

    Message to Peter: Dust off the “Touring 101” handbook and read the chapter titled “Overexposure + Autopilot = Empty Venues.” I think it starts on pg. 9.

  3. To AndyP: The majority of the shows on the Mr. Moonlight tour were sell outs and very well reviewed by the press. No empty venues. Maybe you should know what you’re talking about before making what you think are smart and cutting comments…..

    • you dear guest, are wrong.

      • AW, are you referring to shows here in CA, as I am, or gigs elsewhere? Please tell, especially if you were an attendee. And long-time fans’ reviews are often way more convincing and accurate than something from the press.

        I look forward to reading future reviews here from anyone who attends one of these recently scheduled shows, and then we’ll see if my comments are far more truthful than “cutting.”

  4. To Ned: Not trying to be disrespectful but if Peter seemed a little out of it, maybe it’s because the man has been touring consistently not for two years, but 7 (despite a seasonal break to record Go Away White which took a week or so and Ninth. As far as I recall, since the Unshattered Tour in 05-06 he’s toured w/ Bauhaus (Resurrection), then his solo tours: Retrospective, Secret Covers, Dirty Dirt, Ninth, and now Mr. Moonlight. The man is a machine yet still a bird! Not to mention how many times he’s performed these Bauhaus songs.

    And AndyP – Yeah, what AW said! And in addition, speaking of handbooks, if you grasped the extent of Peter’s magic act – I mean truly grasped it, you’d appreciate it more. Don’t forget who he is and what he’s accomplished/given to the world. This is only the tail end!


    • “…grasped the extent of Peter’s magic act…”?! Actually I have, Richie. He tricked me into thinking the second show I caught on the Ninth Tour would be better than the disappointing first. It wasn’t.

      The first time I saw him in ’88 was something close to magical. And he packed some magic dust for the ’92 tour. By ’95, though, it started to feel more illusory, and with the Ninth shows, any remaining magic seemed to have been replaced by fatigue, nonchalance, and displays of crankiness.

      Next year has the makings of one of the best for him with the already-hyped “Lion” and the 25th anniversary of “Deep.” Those are shows that I would probably want to see, but not if he isn’t up for them, which in the last couple of years, at least, has been painfully clear to so many of us here at SUE. I’d say rest up and refocus, Peter, so you really can deliver the magic in ’14.

      • “…grasped the extent of Peter’s magic act…” ? truly though, putz.
        Magic passed through Peter about 10 years ago and hasn’t been heard or seen since.
        AndyP is on the button.

  5. He has been touring constantly, it seems, for the last few years.

  6. What ANDYP has been saying is simply the truth; his comments could not be any further than the truth. PM is just doing what he has become so good at: setting up overpriced meet-n-greets, playing the same songs and going through the same repetitive motions as he makes his way up and down our great state. ANDYP knows what he is talking about. You are just a bunch of PM Facebook ‘Oh You’re So Cool And Beautiful Master.’ You’re the lame ones who don’t know what you are talking about. Can’t wait to see how he is going to tour the shit out of LION. I remember when he was grateful for those that showed up for his tours back in the late 80’s, no overpriced meet and greets and concerts that were there with the coolest of the cool. That’s all I have to say. And YAY for ANDYP’s real statements; KEEP EM COMING!

  7. Well, I have seen Murphy several times in the past few years and he has always been great live. I don’t understand how people can complain about the same setlists either. They have been dynamic, as have the albums been. In the past few years, I have heard him perform ‘Low Room,’ ‘Burning from the Inside’ (the track), and ‘Your Face.’ These are not singles or hits.

    Dust sounds like nothing else in his cannon. Unshattered (although I think a poor album) was pop and Ninth was a return to heavier rock. He has toured solo material and Bauhaus and has been working generally very hard from what I can see. Also, the shows that I have seen have been inspired unlike a host of other artists I have seen such as Pixies, Nick Cave in 2008 and Bob Dylan.

  8. Yes, AndyP, I was at both Fonda shows in LA. The Saturday show was sold out weeks in advance and the second show sold out that night. Many other shows on this tour were sold out– I don’t think you’ve actually read anything different or read bad reviews from fans but just want to complain about Peter Murphy, which seems to be your raisin d’être on this site.

    • “Raisin d’être”?! “Raisin”?!!! Is that a reference to me living not too far from the wine country?! Showing off the lingo and a hilarious misspelling has the last laugh!

      Bring it on, AW. And please stick around. Typically the few PM supporters who show up here to defend the overwhelming and deserved criticism do it in true hit-and-run (doh!) fashion: They post something along the lines of “Leave Peter alone, you evil forty- and fifty-somethings,” or “You fail to grasp the magic,” and then they’re never heard from again.

      I would love for your comments and, more importantly, Peter’s music and performances to convince me that he is still worth seeing. But in the meantime, I am truly not in the minority here warning people at SUE of what they will likely experience at one of these upcoming shows. Or is it just a NorCal-SoCal thing happening here on several levels?! I would hope not, but whatever. Agree to disagree or keep it coming, I’m ready for it.

  9. I see your hitting below the belt to try to prove that you are intelligent extends to people other than Peter Murphy. Spell check? Have you ever heard of it? Sorry that my iPhone changed the correct spelling to “raison” to raisin. Try it and I’m sure the same will happen to you.

    The Peter Murphy fans who come here on occasion to comment probably get bored with the snark, negativity, cheap jokes, and just plain wrong comments after a very short while. It wears thin pretty fast. It’s the same thing over and over here. But you seem to have a good home here, AndyP, so enjoy. It’s not a place I’d want to hang around for very long.

    • As we know, SUE is mainly about celebrating this music, which I do through most of my comments at this site. But when PM continues to up the outrageousness, while coasting through more than a few shows, people like me can call him on it and warn others. And people like you can remain steadfastly loyal, which I generally admire, and hopefully continue to catch the more memorable shows, as it sounds like you recently have. See ya, AW.

  10. Pasha Insider

    Give me an A!
    Give me an N!
    Give me a D!
    Give me a Y!
    And a P!

    What does that spell?
    Andy P! Telling the truth!

    Hi, Andy. Long time, no see. I will not be attending any of the shows or (nor?) Miracula Lion. As much as I adore Mr. Murphy I can’t travel right now. But maybe you can help me with a question. Why is everything so California focused? Court?

    • Hey, you! :) Wow, what a greeting! Both a nice surprise and welcome change from all the recent sparring.

      His hearing is scheduled 10/10, with the tour dates resuming the next day.

      What do you think of the upcoming “Love Hysteria” reissue? Hopefully “Deep” will follow next year, and then he’ll be playing some really great stuff from both on the ’14 tour(s)!

      And any “Jran Jran” news–including the latest with your friend pursuing Nick?! :0

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