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Stream: Tears For Fears covers Hot Chip’s ‘And I Was A Boy From School’

Tears For Fears

Two months after dropping a surprise cover of Arcade Fire’s “Ready to Start” on fans, Tears For Fears is back this week with another unlikely makeover: a new cover of Hot Chip’s 2006 electro-pop favorite “And I Was a Boy From School” (which was re-titled “Boy From School” when it was issued as a single off The Warning).

As we reported over the summer, Tears For Fears have reconvened in the studio to record a follow-up to 2004 reunion album Everybody Loves a Happy Ending, and Roland Orzabal and Curt Smith say the new Hot Chip cover was the second track they recorded after beginning the current sessions.

Below, check out TFF’s cover — and watch the video for the original track.



Video: Hot Chip, “Boy From School”






  1. Very good cover of a great track, I hope TFF can come up with some more great originals.

  2. Enough with the modern covers already! Let’s get some new original material instead. Kind of a let down.

  3. just curious as to what both hot chip and arcade fire thinks regarding these great renditions.

  4. I’d be down with TFF doing an all-covers album, but I want original material first.

  5. Incredible revision, actually reminds me of the Hurting (Mad World V.2013?). I hope they follow this more electronic/experimental route these 2 covers have hinted at.

  6. Released on a ltd white vinyl 10″ (RSD April 2014).

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