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The Mission debut new ‘Swan Song’ music video, will release digital EP of mixes

The Mission

The Mission is going all-out for the release of its next single off reunion album The Brightest Light, today debuting a new music video for the track “Swan Song” and then, on Dec. 3, releasing a digital EP for the track that features five different version of the song plus a new track recorded during the sessions for the album.

Below, you can watch the video — which premiered at PureVolume — and see detailed notes from frontman Wayne Hussey about the different incarnation of “Swan Song” (one of which, the Reconstruction Circa 1984, can be streamed now over at


The Mission, “Swan Song”


Tracklist: The Mission, Swan Song EP

1. “Swan Song” (Radio Edit)
Produced by David M Allen, edited by Wayne Hussey.
Wayne: “We’ve chosen Swan Song as the next single because of it’s overwhelming popularity with our audience, both live and on the album. It’s certainly the most ‘Mission’ like song on the album, it’s epic. As is the video that we’ve made for the song.”

2. “More Than The Truth”
Produced by David M Allen with additional production and mixed by Wayne Hussey. A new song that the band recorded during The Brightest Light sessions.
Wayne: “We went a bit electronic with the rhythm track of this, hence it didn’t really sit with the rest of the songs on the album for which we employed a far more organic approach. An album needs to sit together as a whole and have cohesion. That’s why it always takes me days to decide on which tracks to use and in what order. A big part of the process, even in this day and age of random playlists on an iPod. But this song is cool, it has a good energy and I like it’s tension. Not that I’ve been in a club for a long time but I can see this being played and not clearing the dance floor.”

3. “Swan Song” (Reconstruction Circa 1984)
Produced & performed by Wayne Hussey.
Wayne: “I wanted to re-record the song and make it sound like something I may have heard on the dance floor of a goth club in 1984. I used a 909 drum machine for that authentic 80’s drum sound and the guitar sounds are all phase and chorus. Nostalgia is all we’ve got to look forward to.”

4. “Swan Song” (Deconstruction)
Produced by David M Allen with additional production and recording and remixed by Simon Hinkler & James Bacon.
Simon: “I worked with my old friend James Bacon on this. In the 90’s we were two thirds of electro band Mindfeel, and as such have spent countless studio hours together, so I thought it would be interesting to apply some of that aesthetic to a Mission remix. I set off at 6am and drove up from Devon to Sheffield. The first half of the day was a bit mad, with Dave (Allen) in London, uploading missing vocal and guitar files and us downloading them into the mix. But we decided on the vibe pretty much straight away – taking out the chord changes and rooting it down to just the verse bass line, which all the other recorded elements work really well with. James put in a keyboard pad, and all in all I think we achieved quite a Mindfeel-sounding mix of a Mission song.”

5. “Swan Song” (Reaper Version)
Produced by David M Allen. Vocal by David M Allen.
Dave: “When the idea of different mixes for Swan Song was suggested I found it difficult to think of a different approach as nowadays I do everything to make the mix I finish “the one”. Coming back from a Saturday night pub Kareoke session and frankly a little tipsy I had the crazy idea to sing it myself. At least I thought that Wayne would have some amusement out of it along the lines of “Cheeky Fucker !”. To my mixed feelings of horror and pride, he said that he liked it and asked if it could be used. Vanity won over horror for which I beg the listeners indulgence.”

6. “Swan Song” (Lament)
Produced & performed by Wayne Hussey.
Wayne: “I was sat at home watching TV and strumming my nylon stringed classical guitar and this version of the song just naturally evolved. Obviously with one eye on an acoustic version that I’ll be able to play at my solo shows it is proof that a good song can be played in any one of myriad ways. I think this is probably my own personal favourite version of the song. Of course it is.”






  1. I LOVE this track – my favorite on the new album. I’m very glad someone was smart enough to release it because it just might get back some old fans who drifted away from the Mish over the years. It sounds a lot like their classic sound…

  2. this is destined to be a classic its universal and accessible for mass consumption.

  3. Physical release, please.

  4. That is a really nice track.

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