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Pixies part ways with ‘super disappointed’ Kim Shattuck following European tour

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Just days after completing their first tour without original bassist Kim Deal, the resurgent Pixies apparently have decided to part ways with her touring replacement, Kim Shattuck of The Muffs, who took to both Facebook and Twitter tonight to announce she was “super disappointed to learn that my time with the Pixies ended today.”

While the Pixies have not formally announced any lineup changes, Shattuck took to social media to reveal she is out of the band. On Facebook, she both changed her employment status (“Left job at Pixies”) and added, “Amazing experience. Looking forward to focusing my attention back on the Muffs and our upcoming new album. All the best to everyone” (see below).

Shattuck was introduced as the Pixies’ touring bassist on July 1, just weeks after the group revealed Deal had quit. She made her public debut with the band Sept. 6 at a surprise warm-up gig in Los Angeles, and proceeded to play a handful of U.S. dates with the Pixies before the band headed overseas for the just-completed European tour.

The Pixies currently are booked to play a lengthy North American tour that opens Jan. 15 in Toronto. The band also just announced its first European date of 2014, a headlining slot at Field Day in London on June 8.

It’s not yet known who’ll play bass on next year’s tour.


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  1. Kevin LeBlanc

    It will be Frank’s wife

  2. If they’re looking for another “Kim” to fill this void, I don’t think Sonic Youth has been busy lately.

  3. they are going through bassists like spinal tap goes through drummers.

  4. Wow, color me surprised!

  5. This is a bit odd….I was excited to have Shattuck with the Pixies…is Deal coming back? I’m confused.

    • Who else besides Deal can they bring up to speed in a month?

      Still disappointed in this news, though, as Kim Shattuck had a really cool stage presence in the shows I watched online. I was looking forward to the lineup crystalizing with her in it, and seeing one of the upcoming shows in person.

  6. Saw them twice on the European tour and Shattuck looked like the only one enjoying to be on stage…

  7. Straight up, Frank’s a dick.

  8. Not a bad thing. The Muffs are ten times the band The Pixies are.

  9. This is bizarre. From the audience, she seemed perfect for the role.

  10. I don’t know…it’s not clear if she left on her terms or if the Pixies decided to part ways. It’s pretty vague, I guess we’ll know in a few days, or even hours.

  11. Wanted: female bass player. Into Peter Paul & Mary and Husker Du. Time wasters welcome.

  12. Agree with Marcello – thought it was cool that Kim Shattuck was with the band.

  13. Without the two principle songwriters, they can’t be much more than a nostalgia circuit attraction, imho. “Frank Black” and The Breeders were artistic progress, I don’t see the current Pixies experiment as much more than retreads and a cash cow.

    • While Kim’s bass playing and backing vox were crucial to the Pixies’ sound, she was far from a “principle songwriter.” She’s only credited on a handful of tunes, and I always thought she borrowed liberally from Frank’s trademark style for her own projects.

      • Yes, what Brian C. said. Kim deal was never a great songwriter. She brought something to the band, but not anything more integral than Joey Santiago’s guitar playing. It seemed like Kim Shattuck would be a great fit for the band, now I don’t get what they are doing.

  14. Haha…JC, you’re right…I didnt read the whole statement. I forgot the “…to learn that my time”. So yes, it sounds she got let go.

    • She sounds surprised, but the puzzling part is that NME first twitted that she was fired, then deleted it and wrote a news item about her “leaving” and commenting that when she didn’t show up for a band interview in the beginning of december, Black told NME to check with their management as to “why”.

  15. Yeh Chdx, I mean it does sound she got let go…but I don’t know, I’ve read a ton of articles contradicting each other…one saying she got fired, one saying she left…I mean, the statement isn’t too vague, but it’s also not exactly definite either, and with all the numerous articles that are divided, it’s hard to put your nose on what exactly happened…most likely she got let go, but I don’t know…we’ll see soon enough.

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