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Morrissey to release ‘definitive master’ of ‘Your Arsenal’ with full ’91 live show on DVD


Morrissey’s reissue campaign moves forward once again come February with the release of the “definitive master” of his third album, 1992’s Your Arsenal, featuring, as usual these days, a slightly tweaked tracklist, plus an unusually generous bonus: a DVD featuring a previously unreleased 18-song live performance filmed in San Francisco in late 1991.

Due out Feb. 25 on Parlophone Records, the reissue of the Mick Ronson-produced Your Arsenal will be available in a CD/DVD set, on heavyweight, gatefold vinyl and as a digital download.

According to a news release from Rhino Records, the release features a new remaster of the album, and while Moz is once again tinkering with the tracklist of a reissue, it’s fairly minor: he’s replaced the original version of album-closer “Tomorrow” with what is being termed the “superior” U.S. mix.

The bonus DVD includes a full concert filmed at Shoreline Amphitheatre near San Francisco on Oct. 31, 1991, during the Kill Uncle tour, and featuring what would become the band that played on Your Arsenal.

See the full tracklist below:


Tracklist: Morrissey, Your Arsenal: Definitive Master

1. “You’re Gonna Need Someone On Your Side”
2. “Glamorous Glue”
3. “We’ll Let You Know”
4. “The National Front Disco”
5. “Certain People I Know”
6. “We Hate It When Our Friends Become Successful”
7. “You’re The One For Me, Fatty”
8. “Seasick, Yet Still Docked”
9. “I Know It’s Gonna Happen Someday”
10. “Tomorrow” (US Mix)

Morrissey at the Shoreline Amphitheatre, Mountain View, CA, USA – October 31st, 1991.
1. “November Spawned a Monster”
2. “Alsatian Cousin”
3. “Our Frank”
4. “The Loop”
5. “King Leer”
6. “Sister I’m A Poet”
7. “Piccadilly Palare”
8. “Driving Your Girlfriend Home”
9. “Interesting Drug”
10. “We Hate It When Our Friends Become Successful”
11. “Everyday Is Like Sunday”
12. “My Love Life”
13. “Pashernate Love”
14. “The Last Of The Famous International Playboys”
15. “Asian Rut”
Encore 1:
16. “Angel, Angel, Down We Go Together”
17. “Suedehead”
Encore 2:
18. “Disappointed”


Heavyweight, Gatefold Vinyl Track List

Side 1:
1. “You’re Gonna Need Someone On Your Side”
2. “Glamorous Glue”
3. “We’ll Let You Know”
4. “The National Front Disco”
5. “Certain People I Know”

Side 2:
1. “We Hate It When Our Friends Become Successful”
2. “You’re The One For Me, Fatty”
3. “Seasick, Yet Still Docked”
4. “I Know It’s Gonna Happen Someday”
5. “Tomorrow” (US Mix)






  1. As clever as Morrissey claims to be, he really does not know how to organize or curate reissues of his albums very well. Notable examples:

    “Viva Hate” 2002 reissue – The extra tracks were b-sides to “Kill Uncle” and “Your Arsenal” singles that were not recorded around the time that “Viva Hate.” Not sure if Mozzer had any say in this reissue. But if you’re going to include b-sides as extra tracks, at least make them from singles sourced from the album being reissued.

    “Southpaw Grammar” 2009 reissue – An album recorded in 1995 gets an extra track (“Fantastic Bird”) recorded in 1992. Maybe that track should have been held for the “Your Arsenal” reissue?!

    “Bona Drag” 2010 reissue – Contains a longer version “Let The Right One Slip In,” a b-side for “Tomorrow” (1992). Again not one of the singles that made up the original “Bona Drag” compilation.

    Now for this “Your Arsenal” reissue, you get a DVD from a gig from the previous “Kill Uncle” tour?! Uh, wouldn’t it have made more sense to include a performance maybe the “Your Arsenal” tour??? You know, the actual album being reissued and remastered! Especially in light of the fact that the “Your Arsenal” was fantastic – one of the best concerts I’ve ever attended.

  2. Steven Cacciaroni

    THIS is the one I have been waiting for! And., I mean, this was my hometown show in Mountain View and I was there that Halloween… and it felt like Halloween with all those Halloween lookalikes… except, curiously, these Morrissey lookalikes were often dressed in 2nd hand throwback clothes…perhaps I forgot that period in Morrissey’s career.. the secondhand clothes period… BUT, Your Arsenal is my favorite Morrissey era post-Smiths.

  3. Steven Cacciaroni

    wait… I was expecting him to drop “Fatty” and “Seasick” (my two favorites) and he hasn’t! Love it! I sort of hoped any deluxe version of this show would have included a complete “Beethoven Was Deaf” CD, but, this is still far better than his other re-issues.

  4. This is so far the LEAST controversial reissue of one of his albums yet. The “US Mix” of Tomorrow, though I don’t recall hearing it, is likely not too much different.
    But I still don’t get why the bonus DVD – quite generous by Moz standards – features a show from the previous tour!
    I agree with above comments, these reissues aren’t curated well at all, and I wonder who’s in charge of them. I gather he is, based on what I’ve heard about what went on with the Viva Hate reissue.
    But, bonus tracks that aren’t even from the same time period as the main album, baffling changes to the tracklisting and even omissions!?
    Since when did a man of such supposed “integrity” as Morrissey himself feel the need to play the revisionist history game to such a degree?

    But again, this is the least offensive one yet… something to be grateful for?

  5. John – this show was the first professionally shot show (I believe) that featured his new band of Alain Whyte, Gary Day, Boz Boorer and Spencer Cobrin. This was, to me, his finest hour. Perhaps that had something to do with it. Also, superb show on Halloween. Can’t imagine you’d be let down. I did, however, hope for things like “There Speaks a True Friend” with a fixed ending to the song, the b-sides, etc. But then, he already
    strangely included “Pashernate Love” on the Kill Uncle re-issue…

  6. also, the US Mix of TOMORROW was already released on the VERY BEST OF. Back in 1992, he actually had two different videos for “Tomorrow”. Not a US version and a UK version… Just two similar yet different takes on the video – – one featured the US Mix

  7. ‘Paint a Vulgar Picture,’ anyone?

  8. I think his best solo record.

  9. National Front Disco is a favorite of mine. Tomorrow got overplayed in the US and so I’ve always kinda been whatever.

  10. yeah… Paint a Vulgar Picture isn’t about an artist making a choice to re-issue his own work. It’s about record execs cashing in on a dead star. Two completely different things. Why so-called “fans” don’t get that – own Strangeways and after 25 years have no clue what “Paint a Vulgar Picture” is even about? And then try to continually throw that around is so exhausting and stupid. Don’t want it? Don’t buy it.

  11. Gavin norman

    The us mix of tomorrow is not an improvement to the original , so hasn’t improved this release for me . Good to have a new DVD , but the why not from the relevant tour ? Mozza reissues are bananas , but strangely interesting because of that !

  12. At least he’s kept the original artwork this time!

    That Kill Uncle artwork was pretty awful, the original being far superior.

    The problem with these re-issues is they DO NOT replace the original releases.
    So you are left with two completely different versions of the same album, each important to the fan. In fact I’m still preferring the original albums.

    I’m a huge Morrissey fan, I just wish the albums were properly restored with original artwork and original track listing, then with the bonus tracks at the end of the album or on disc 2… not replacing anything important to the original album!!!

  13. First reissue of his that doesn’t appear to be a revisionist piece of crap. Thankfully, Johnny was in charge of the Smiths reissues, I shudder at what we would have gotten with Morissey in charge.

  14. I get what he’s doing, He’s f&*%ing up the re-releases on purpose. Makes the originals “originals”.

  15. I agree, at the very least, he didn’t eff up the artwork on this one. Although the typeface is slightly different :-/ it’s not nearly as horrible as the Bona Drag reissued sleeve. Leave the layout to the designers Mozzer.

    In my opinion, the ONLY reason to get ANY of these reissues is for the unreleased tracks. I just tack those onto a rip of the original album and call it a day. Why Moz feels the need to keep attempting to re-sequence these albums is beyond understanding to me. 20+ years on, they’re burned into our brains and I have no desire to listen to a supposedly better sequence. Let it alone, tack on the bonus material and call it a day dude.

  16. william nothing

    1991 was the best era for concerts. Gold lame shirts, rockabilly coifs beautiful backdrops, and Boz still weighed under 400lbs.

  17. My favorite solo album of Morrissey’s. Ronno’s production was outstanding

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