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Tears For Fears cover Animal Collective’s ‘My Girls,’ announce plans for 2014 album

Tears For Fears

Tears For Fears continue their streak of releasing covers of contemporary indie-rock cuts, today surprising fans with a new cover of Animal Collective’s 2009 single “My Girls” — the latest in their series of recordings, following Arcade Fire and Hot Chip covers, that the band made earlier this year while gearing up to make a new album.

While’s it’s been no secret that Roland Orzabal and Curt Smith are working on a follow-up to 2004 reunion album Everybody Loves a Happy Ending, the band today said: “And finally… we’d like to officially announce that we are writing and recording new original material to be released in 2014!”

The new Animal Collective cover also comes with an appropriately trippy video courtesy of Vinyl Williams, which you can see below — along with the music video for the original track.

Plus, as a bonus, TFF also shared a new cover of “Pale Shelter” by Matthew Dear with an assist from Tegan and Sara. You can listen to that, too, below.


Tears For Fears, “My Girls” (Animal Collective)


Animal Collective, “My Girls”







  1. Solid cover, but nothing special. Arcade Fire song is the best so far. New album probably will be return to their electronic roots and that’s a good news.

  2. The original song from ’09 is meh alright I guess. It sounds like a blink 182 song except with synths instead of guitars. Meh.. The tear for fears version now sounds more like The Pet Shop Boys ’91, and what the fuck is with the chipmunk stupid vocals at the beginning? Talk about corny! That was way WAY corny! So corny I couldn’t finish it. Why did you rip off the font from The Hunting album cover? I was hoping for something that sound liked that great hallmark balance of guitars and some synth maybe. All I got was something like one of those bargain basement cds of OMD from 95′. Vomit! Pure vomit. Actually I think Pet Shop Boys did this much better back a long time ago. Tears for Fears WAS better than Pet Shop Boys too. Disappointed.

  3. The best news from this post is the news of a new album. Their 2004 release is incredible, in fact, it was their best since The Hurting in my opinion though the two albums really share nothing in common from a music standpoint.

  4. I hope they aren’t going to try to sound like these new indie/pop bands on the new album.
    They should go back to their original sound and work from there, be true to their own sound.

  5. Any band that takes the time between albums that TFF takes isn’t really looking to make music to satisfy only those who want to hear more of the same. This along with the other two covers this year AND 2004’s release prove (as does the journey of all their albums) that TFF DO NOT repeat themselves…Thankfully.

  6. “The original song from ’09 is meh alright I guess.”

    The man who wrote this is 55, lives in East Hampton, and asked his 12-year old step-daughter to write it for him.

  7. Looking forward to finally hearing them together once they tour on the new album in 2014.

  8. Greg Schlotthauer

    What a beautiful version of a fantastic song. “…but to provide for one who asks, I will with heart on my father’s grave…” — WELL DONE, both AC and TFF.

  9. All three covers were released on a ltd edition 10″ white vinyl RSD release in April 2014.

    Discogs entry:

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