Tour Dates — January 8, 2014 at 7:07 am

Pixies to debut new bassist at Mass. warm-up gig with Miracle Legion’s Mark Mulcahy

FROM LEFT:  Joey Santiago, Black Francis, David Lovering

The Pixies are set to debut their second new bassist in a year — Paz Lenchantin, who played in A Perfect Circle and Billy Corgan’s brief post-Smashing Pumpkins outfit Zwan — at a just-announced warm-up gig next week in Northampton, Mass., that will feature an opening set from former Miracle Legion frontman Mark Mulcahy.

The Pixies will perform Monday at the Calvin Theatre in Northampton ahead of their previously announced North American tour opener on Jan. 15 in Toronto (see full dates below).

Tickets are now on sale for the warm-up show.

The band last week released their second EP of brand-new material since September and debuted the music video for “Blue Eyed Hexe.” Mulcahy, who shares the Pixies’ New England roots, last year released a brand-new solo album called Dear Mark J Mulcahy, I Love You.


Pixies’ North American tour dates:

Jan. 13: Calvin Theatre, Northampton, Mass., MA (w/ Mark Mulcahy)
Jan. 15: Massey Hall, Toronto, ON (w/ Fidlar)
Jan. 16: Metropolis, Montreal, QC (w/ Fidlar)
Jan. 18: Orpheum Theatre, Boston, MA (w/ Fidlar)
Jan. 19: Capitol Theatre, Port Chester, NY (w/ Fidlar)
Jan. 21: New Jersey Performing Arts Center, Newark, NJ (w/ Fidlar)
Jan. 22: Shubert Theatre, New Haven, CT (w/ Fidlar)
Jan. 24: Electric Factory, Philadelphia, PA (w/ Fidlar)
Jan. 25: Carnegie Music Hall, Pittsburgh, PA (w/ Fidlar)
Jan. 26: Strathmore, Washington, DC (w/ Fidlar)
Jan. 29: National Theatre, Richmond, VA (w/ Fidlar)
Jan. 31: Durham PAC, Durham, NC (w/ Cults)
Feb. 1: Thomas Wolfe Auditorium, Asheville, NC (w/ Cults)
Feb. 2: Ryman Auditorium, Nashville, TN (w/ Cults)
Feb. 4: Tabernacle, Atlanta, GA (w/ Cults)
Feb. 6: Peabody Opera House, St. Louis, MO (w/ Cults)
Feb. 7: LC Pavilion, Columbus, OH (w/ Cults)
Feb. 8: The Fillmore, Detroit, MI (w/ Cults)
Feb. 9: Riviera Theatre, Chicago, IL (w/ Cults)
Feb. 11: Midland Theatre, Kansas City, MO (w/ Cults)
Feb. 13: Fillmore Auditorium, Denver, CO (w/ Best Coast)
Feb. 14: Belly Up Tavern, Aspen, CO (w/ Best Coast)
Feb. 15: The Great Salt Air, Salt Lake City, UT (w/ Best Coast)
Feb. 17: Orpheum Theatre, Vancouver, BC (w/ Best Coast)
Feb. 18: Paramount Theatre, Seattle, WA (w/ Best Coast)
Feb. 19: Schnitzer Auditorium, Portland, OR (w/ Best Coast)
Feb. 21: Fox Theatre, Oakland, CA (w/ Best Coast)
Feb. 22: Civic Theatre, San Jose, CA (w/ Best Coast)
Feb. 23: The Joint, Las Vegas, NV (w/ Best Coast)
Feb. 24: Comerica Theatre, Phoenix, AZ (w/ Best Coast)
Feb. 25: Kiva Auditorium, Albuquerque, NM (w/ Best Coast)
Feb. 27: Bayou Music Center, Houston, TX (w/ Best Coast)
Feb. 28: South Side Ballroom, Dallas, TX (w/ Best Coast)
March 1: Music Hall, Austin, TX (w/ Best Coast)






  1. Scott Stalcup

    And someone’s set to make off like a BANDIT in the pools betting how long before Chuck and the lads kick Paz to the kerb as well.

    Now the sports. Over to you, Cindy.

  2. No Deal… No deal!

  3. I love all the tuff boys defending Kim as a way to slag Charles and and passively-aggressively insult Paz. I think you;re old, fat and bald–but not Charles, eh?

  4. I’ll say this, she’s an expressive player:

    • You are correct Lotus–she’s a much better bassist than either Kims. Maybe… the rest of the band just wants someone that can keep up to them, musically (KIm2) and spiritually (KIm1)? People are down on boys, but I have yet to hear/read anything that contradicts this: The boys wanted to make new music and tour with it–Kim Deal didn’t so SHE left. Why does this make the singer a boor?

      • Exactly Charlie!

      • Your insights are excellent, Charlie. My only thought is, I will be interested to see how/if her style and approach actually mesh with the band. I hate to say this, but their bass lines are not very adventurous or challenging, and never have been. AND THAT’S FINE, please don’t get me wrong — it’s not a knock on any past bassists. But they’ve never really relied on the bass as a melodic instrument that wanders away from the root note of whatever chord Charles is playing to do its own thing. Who knows, if this one sticks and actually does some recording with them, maybe it will add a new element to their arrangements. That might actually be really cool.

  5. Scott Stalcup


    Just to clarify, I don’t give two monkeys (gone to heaven or otherwise) about Kim Deal. I’m no fan of her singing. I do like Kim Shattuck from her work in The Muffs and The Pandoras before that. I just wish they’d get a bassist and stick with her/him. They’re becoming the Van Halen of college radio.

  6. They just wanted someone that could play bass and stay in the shadows. All three women are talented musicians. This had nothing to do with musical ability… The guys all have big egos. They didn’t want the spotlight being stolen from them by another Kim (or any newcomer). I can’t listen to them anymore. Gross and greedy. The “greatest hits” tour that never ends! The new stuff hasn’t been very good.

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